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Seven Meanings of Blessing '97

By J. H. Pak

November 29, 1997, True Parents will officiate the 3.6 million couples Blessing. It is quite possible that by November 29 thirty-six million couples will have been pre-blessed all over the world. Many of us have been working faithfully during the last three years for this Blessing and more intensely the past six months, so it is important that we understand the internal, spiritual meanings of this Blessing.

True Parents began giving the Blessings in 1961. To be given the Blessing means that we cut our relationship with Satan; we cut off satanic love, satanic life and satanic lineage. True Parents give us True Love, True Life and True Lineage. So one man and one woman can receive this marriage of Blessing and fulfill God's expectations of the ideal family. The most important thing in our lives is to receive the Blessing ceremony. God's hope for creation is not through a single man or a single woman but a man and woman together, forming a family with children, centered on God's Love. This is God's ideal. This is the purpose of the Blessing.

One: The Twelfth Blessing Has "Horizontal" Meaning

The first public Blessing was the Blessing of three disciples, the couples of Rev. Won Pil Kim, President Hyo Won Eu and Rev. Young Whi Kim. Following that the Blessing of 36 couples; the Blessing of 72 couples; the Blessing of 120 couples; the Blessing of 430 couples; then came the 777 couples Blessing; the 1800 couples Blessing; the 8000 couples Blessing; the 30,000 couples Blessing; the 360,000 couples Blessing; and now this year the 3.6 million couples Blessing. That makes a total of twelve Blessings.

The Blessings have multiplied and expanded out to the world. In this year of 1997, the Blessing will involve 185 nations of the world. True Father said now the Blessing is like a hurricane, a hurricane of Blessings. A hurricane is powerful. Under a hurricane everybody is powerless. No matter how strong a person may be, that person will be powerless before a mighty hurricane.

No one can deny the Blessing; everybody has to yield to the hurricane of Blessings! I have given the Blessing to several groups of national leaders, and in order for them to receive this blessing they had to deny themselves, they had to yield in order to receive this. So the whole world is under this hurricane of Blessing. This is a miracle. At no time in human history has such a thing happened. This one movement is spreading throughout all the world.

Two: The Vertical Value Of The 3.6 Million Couple Blessing

The 3.6 million couples Blessing November 29, at RFK Stadium, will be the twelfth Blessing and will represent the perfection-level Blessing. Within everyday there are 12 hours; within every year there are 12 months. Number twelve is the perfection level of oneness. Vertically, Father gave the first worldwide Blessing of 30,000 couples. That Blessing represented the formation level; the second worldwide Blessing was 360,000 couples and represented the growth level; now this year, the perfection level will be reached with the 3.6 million couples Blessing.

Three years ago, when we finished the 360,000 couples Blessing worldwide, Father announced the 3.6 million couples Blessing. At that time, in Korea, during a world leaders conference, Father asked: "Korea, how many couples will you bring to this Blessing? Japan, how many? America, how many?" Rev. Kwak promised 210,000 couples for Korea. Leaders there could not believe such a number as 3.6 million being blessed at one time. So here was Korea, such a central country, promising only 210,000. Father said that number was not high enough, that it should be 1.2 million couples.

Well, Korea has now fulfilled 1.2 million couples and America will fulfill 360,000. At that time in Korea, only True Father believed this could happen. Leaders from all over the world could not believe. Only Father. Our faith is not big faith, not giant faith. Father is a spiritual giant, we are his blessed children, but we are like little peanuts beside him. This big super general must depend on peanut soldiers over the whole world. We must take out this peanut spirit, peanut heart and inherit a gigantic heart. Can we do it? Doesn't everyone want a gigantic heart? This is no joke. We have God and super spiritual giant True Father in our midst so we must believe as they do. Father knew we would not only have 3.6 million couples, but well on the way to 36 million even this year. We need to be "possibility thinkers."

Three: The Blessing With The Wide-Open Doors

True Parents have opened the doors wide with this Blessing. We must each begin having bigger vision. We don't realize just how wide open the doors have become. For example, the country of Sudan came into the lead for Blessing totals with 1.3 million pre-blessed couples. This small African, Muslim nation in the Sahara Desert was No. 1. There are so many blessings being held there that they have a factory to produce the holy nectar! How wonderful. And there are only about 17 members there. Seventeen members blessing 1.3 million couples! Impossible, right? In a Muslim country. And where even a small gnat must sleep in the daytime because it is so hot! The leaders of that country are very wise. They realize that foreign cultures are investing and step-by-step immorality is filtering in. Their country is in moral trouble. The leadership realizes that True Family Values and the Blessings are the answer to save their country.

It is necessary for me to travel a lot during this period of time. I spoke recently in Boston at a Sunday service. Boston, like other cities, is immoral. Our members were struggling so much there. The members realized that they must become more united in order to spiritually empower themselves. They worked at this. Then things began to change. Results began to come. In the United States, Boston Region is now #1 in blessing results. On the North American continent Toronto is #1, Montreal is #2 and Boston is #3. Almost all of Boston's couples have reached their Blessing goal.

While I was in Boston I asked each Tribal Messiah couple to bring at least one bus to Washington, DC November 29. They assured me they would; that I didn't need to worry about Boston. "We will do it," they said. I feel confident that they will indeed bring many buses to Washington, DC. One Japanese sister testified to me that in the beginning she was struggling so much with the pre-blessings. Then one night in a dream she saw many people lined up in white robes. After that dream, she started giving the Blessing and very quickly she achieved 185 couples. God had shown her the victory that was coming to the Boston area.

During our travels, in the city of Philadelphia, we were taken to an Indian restaurant to meet several couples. Mrs. Pak and I blessed the owner of the restaurant and two other couples; then another couple and another said, "please bless us." Then the waiter said, "please bless me." In the end we had blessed 17 couples there.

One sister in Philadelphia has organized five buses. It is easy to get just one bus filled.

I received a letter from an Anglican Church bishop in India. In January they will be holding an annual convention. "Please send us a True Family Values lecturer" he said. All over the world people are learning of True Family Values and the Blessing.

The conditions of the Blessing are so simple: never divorce; do not be involved in immoral sexual activity; teach purity and goodness to your children; in your family and community live and teach family values. Women in the families really appreciate these conditions. It naturally makes them feel secure and very happy.

Four: For The First Time TMs Become Co-Officiators With True Parents

Until this time, True Parents were the only officiators of the Blessing. Now all Tribal Messiahs are the officiators. Looking back, would we ever have believed such a time would come! Father is truly sharing the officiating of this Blessing with Tribal Messiahs so we must appreciate and take advantage of this great honor. Let us do like the seventeen members in Sudan and be responsible for thousands of couples each. True Father said "bless the person on the street, bless the man on the toilet, everyone, everywhere." This is how significant the Blessing is.

As Tribal Messiahs, if we don't have a greater vision and bless many people, going beyond our 185 couples, then others will come along and realize the value of the Blessing more than we have. Then we will have regrets.

Satan has a big plan to use his immoral power until the year 2000; using free sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, divorce in the family, all these things, Satan wants to destroy this world. Homosexual power is growing and growing, Satan would like for it to continue so that no more children would be born to humankind and by the year 2020 we would be an empty planet, a ghost planet. Satan likes this plan. If we do not stop his evil influence on human life this world will be a very sad place. We must help put an end to it and bring the Earth back to God.

We will soon bless 360 million couples. When each of these couples blesses only 10 couples, that will be it. Then all humankind will be blessed and Satan will have to surrender. There will be no place for him to escape to, no place to hide, not even the Moon or Mars.

Five: Pre-blessed Couples Themselves Become Qualified As Officiators

Those having just received the blessing are now qualified to give the blessing to others. The 1500 Christian ministers and spiritual leaders who have received the Blessing in America can now bless their congregations. Anyone, in fact, who has received the Blessing has the heavenly authority to give it to others even though they are not qualified to be tribal messiahs until after the final benediction November 29. These are amazing times.

In the Ukraine a church minister discovered the True Family Values through the internet. He called New York for more information. This minister is responsible for 8000 members in 80 different congregations and he is now teaching True Family Values to them.

Also in the Ukraine a city mayor received the Blessing and then gave the Blessing to 30,000 couples, including high level leaders.

God's grace and True Parents' grace is amazing during this time, allowing us to give these blessings to everyone.

Six: Physical World And Spiritual World Both Receiving The Blessing

Never in history has the spiritual world and the physical world both received the Blessing. Many of us went to Chungpyung. There our ancestors were liberated. Now in the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim together are preparing for the Blessing. Among our ancestry, there are so many sinful people, difficult people, but now they will be truly liberated through the Blessing. We have helped to free them. So we are free. We must not allow our ancestors to lose this kind of fortune. We must work hard to bring heavenly fortune to our family lineage.

Some people who were blessed on Earth and went to the spiritual world are seeking means of mediating messages to their loved ones on Earth, urging them to get blessed if they have not already done so or to be diligent and work hard for this Blessing, saying how significant it is in the spiritual world. These kinds of messages are coming through.

One lady from the countryside in Korea received the pre-Blessing with her husband. Then she went to the spiritual world and upon arriving she received an amazing welcome! She thought to herself "I am just a simple, humble farm person, there is no reason that I should receive such an overwhelming welcome." This, again, is the significance and importance of the Blessing.

That was a happy story, but out of America came one sad story. A second generation couple lost their little girl. This little girl came to the mother from the spiritual world and complained "why aren't my parents giving blessings now like other parents in America"? This sort of thing is happening everyday.

One 36-couple parent mediated through someone on Earth to alert and wake up his grown children to participate more in current activities. In the spiritual world they see things so clearly and they know the consequences of our actions.

Recently, I had a dream about my own uncle who went to the spiritual world last year. Just before he passed he received the Blessing. In my dream I saw my uncle writing on a registration form just like the ones we are using here on the physical plane. If we do not participate actively in this year's Blessing, our ancestors in the spiritual world will be hurt. They will be affected in some way.

A church sister in Chicago had a dream that I was blessing a well-known spiritual leader in America. Two weeks later the dream came true. I was in a city far removed from Chicago where this well-known person and I were meeting together and he received the Blessing.Amazing things are taking place now. Our two worlds are coming closer together. Communication lines are opening more and more. Within the spiritual world and the physical the same activities are taking place. Never before in history has this occurred.

Seven: The Greatest Opportunity Ever To Be Available In America--The Blessing By True Parents At RFK Stadium November 29, 1997

This twelfth Blessing by True Parents will be their greatest public one of such magnitude to be held in America. This twelfth and perfection-level Blessing, being held in America's capital, the capital of the world, must be taken very seriously. The next Blessing will be in Japan and the one after that in Korea.

So church leaders, state leaders, city leaders, community leaders: educate every one of your tribal messiahs on the importance of building their tribe; have every couple continue to bless people and invite them to RFK Stadium; do good follow-up work with all the newly-blessed couples, and take at least one bus, if not more, to Washington, DC. This is a privilege, opportunity and honor for tribal messiahs in America.

This Blessing will never happen again in history. Your spiritual children can go directly to RFK Stadium and be blessed by True Parents themselves. Never again will this happen. Never before and never again will such an event as this occur in history! Please mobilize your relatives, your friends, everyone you meet.

If you have so many participants, or for some other reason you need help, find John the Baptists among your people and let them help you. Delegate responsibility among them. Also other areas near you may have extra people to offer to you as bus guides.

Twenty-five thousand couples can be invited to Robert F. Kennedy Stadium!

Let us say that if by November 29 twenty-five million couples in the world are blessed, then only one couple out of a thousand will be given the privilege to be there. Just imagine being one of those couples. November 29, 1997 will be the Victory of God, the Victory of True Parents.

At a leaders' breakfast meeting held each Tuesday in New York, when I asked the question "who among this group attended True Father's speech 25 years ago at Carnegie Hall in New York?" three members raised their hand. Those three probably not only attended the speech but may have been out on the streets selling tickets for the event. They were making history just by doing what seemed a simple thing. Across America there are others who worked for that particular event. We should bow to them. They were so honored to be there. But even if those same people who served during Carnegie Hall times fail to contribute toward this perfection level Blessing, then what kind of future will they have?

Two thousand years ago, if the chosen people, the prepared people, did not serve and attend Jesus Christ, then all their preparations were in vain, all of Jewish history was meaningless.

What about True Father's speech at Yankee Stadium? Madison Square Garden? Washington Monument? How many of you attended True Parents during those campaigns? Yes, if you did you are truly a part of history, but still the most important event to climax all those events is the RFK Stadium Blessing, this world-level, perfection-level Blessing in the providence of world history. This is the part America is playing. We must all be a part of it.

We have angels and ancestors working with us. Please believe that this is true. You do not need to fear going out and being bold. This is the most important Banquet of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven.

This history will never pass this way again. Please understand the significance of these seven points. Do your best, fellow Tribal Messiahs.

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