Articles from the October 1997 Unification News


6000 Couple Anniversary Testimony

by Andrew Johnson

My wife and I, along with many others, celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the 6000 couple Blessing recently. On this occasion I would like to share my matching experience. After three days of waiting in the main auditorium at the little angels school in Korea I was getting pretty tense. It was drawing to the end of the day and True father was getting very tired and finding it difficult to match anyone, so he asked everyone did we want to wait until the next day for more candidates to arrive or continue, there was a resounding call to continue. Shortly after this True father had me and a dozen or so other brothers stand up along with some more mature sisters.

At this point I was more than a little perturbed as I had been instructed that in order for father to match me I had to be unconditional in my attitude and be prepared to accept anyone that true father chose for me. Well to be honest I could have forced myself to be unconditional but knowing myself I knew it would not last as it would have been a forced feeling. (Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of respect for the 99% of our Brothers and sisters who manage it.)

When I reached the point of not being unconditional but honest about where I was at, True Father came up to me and asked me "How old are you" I replied "29 Father", He then said "Ahh!, an English Gentleman. What kind of wife would you like". At this point after gazing upon those mature sisters and realizing that if I said yes I would probably be out of the Church within 6 months, I said "Oriental Father" because none of the sisters that were stood up were oriental and also I had a strong feeling about having an oriental wife. I was completely honest and hid nothing of my motives from Father. He GROWLED at me and then walked through a crowd of sisters and pulled a little Japanese girl towards me. Now if True Father had just put her next to me, as he did on many occasions with others, I would have said no! because I cant stand being pushed into a situation, I have to feel free to decide things for myself. True Father turned to me and said one word, "try". I was astonished I felt He knew me completely in that moment and I was free to say yes to His choice, by that one word he gave me complete freedom.

In the past my previous girlfriends (God forgive me please) were always tall with large attributes. As I looked upon this little lady at my side, (whose mouth upon seeing me had dropped open and her eyes were bulging in surprise, but that’s another story) I prayed and asked God what he felt for her and I "heard" from heaven , "you must look after her."

After we had the Holy wine ceremony we went to pray, I prayed first and I felt that I was the lowest of the low and should run away. Then Kayoko prayed and I saw her in the Spirit fighting all these bad spirits around me. After she finished praying I felt full of joy and hope and she was like my messiah. From that moment on my wife and I have had a wonderful almost magical love between us, and even in the most difficult times in our life that love has always been there. Fifteen years and three children later it is as strong as that first magical day.

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