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Big Web Site on True Parents Open for Testing

by Gary Fleisher-Denver, CO

Announcing a free World Wide Web site, whose purpose is to help Unificationists set up their own web is open for testing now.

Many internet connections come with a free web page. Web pages can be quickly and easily filled with files chosen from the library. Choose photos of True Parents, Unificationist graphics, publications like articles from the Unification News or the Divine Principle, Moon family sermons, books, etc. All can be copied to your web site and easily installed by unzipping a file in a new directory. Zip files can be listed by date, so you can easily find ones that you have not yet downloaded. Web graphics such as Unificationist logos, cute lines, animated art, and colorful bullets and backgrounds are easy to copy to your computer for use on your web page.

Open to the public, contains endless information about the ministry of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, his family, and his followers.

Are you looking for an obscure publication by Dr. Young Oon Kim, the photo of Reverend Moon carrying a disciple to South Korea on his back, or children's stories about True Parents' lives? How about a Unification Church Calendar, a copy of Family Pledge, or holy songs that play on your computer? All are available at If you are curious about what the Unification Church thinks about computers, what is happening to Unificationists in Nigeria, or what Father says about homosexuality, do a quick text search on all the files at is the continuation of the Unofficial HSA-UWC BBS. The BBS, founded in 1986 by Reverend Moon, contains a huge archive of Unificationist material, which has been partially available on the web from other sites.

Most web sites lease space, and cannot afford enough space to put the entire content of the HSA-UWC BBS on line. However, owns its own Internet Server, making it possible to hold the whole HSA-UWC BBS and continuous new additions. For instance, we have the entire Revised Standard Version on the Bible on line, with the Apochrapha. The King James version is on its way. Bibles are just too big for most web sites.

Email contributions (files, not money) to will begin testing in late October and plans to be fully functional by True Parents' Brithday, 1998. Type into your web browser for a visit. Leave comments or suggestions.

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