Articles from the September 1997 Unification News

Education Materials Needed in Micronesia

by Ray & Kathy Sabo, Clifton, NJ

Recently we returned from our National Messiah Country Pohnpei, Micronesia. It is about 3000 mile Southwest of Hawaii and about 1000 miles east of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

Recently we were registered and given our official documents by the President and Government for HSA-UWC-FSM and FFWPU.

We are going to start a video center in the downtown area. We now have a center in the main town.

I am asking if anyone my have extra materials that they would be able to donate to our activities in Micronesia such as Divine Principle tapes, books of any kind of events of the church. Even video machines , TV's etc. Especially Ocean church tapes or material. We are going to be able to establish Ocean church.

Also, if anyone has any experience in tuna fishing can you please let us know, because this is one of the best areas for Yellow Fin tuna. If you have gone tuna fishing and would like to have a lifetime experience in Micronesia tuna fishing, you are welcome.

If you have any material and would like to donate it to Micronesia please let us know. (Mailing is the same as the states because it is in US Territory.)

We have met many beautiful families that can use summer clothing and footwear such as sandals etc. all sizes. If you would like to send this kind of donation that also would be great.

Please contact us for information and address at:

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