Articles from the July 1997 Unification News

Denver Celebration of True Love

by Joy Garratt-Denver, CO

A petite Taiwanese grandmother looking with glowing eyes at her husband of over 50 years as he gently helped her down the stairs of the bridge; a romantic Russian-American couple embracing on the bridge before taking the chalice of love to renew 47 years of marriage.... Parents faithful to each other for 52 years crossing the bridge of peace only to be followed by their daughter and son-in-law who wanted to inherit the love and longevity of their parents' marriage.

These are only a few of the moving images which infused the Celebration of True Love on June 1 in Denver with remarkable warmth and closeness. Cosponsored by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Federation for World Peace, 33 couples renewed their commitment to one another as families and friends filled the Parkside Mansion overlooking downtown Denver's City Park.

Express Love in the Way your Spouse Needs it

After master of ceremonies Peggy Yujiri welcomed the participants to the celebration, Dr. Linda Schupp. president of the Being and Becoming Institute, reminded the couples how important it is to "express love in the way your spouse needs it, the way your children need it." A nationally-acclaimed speaker and seminar leader, Dr. Schupp described how we must discover our spouse's love language. "Ask your spouse specifically what makes them feel loved. Make a list. Some people want dinner dates or concert dates. Some want to hold hands. Some just want to be listened to without interruption. You must do what is meaningful for your mate, not what is meaningful only for you."

Dr. Schupp, a psychologist, also emphasized the importance of learning to apologize to your spouse. "What you do not talk about will destroy your relationship. What has hurt you does not go away because you don't talk about it; it hovers beneath the surface of your heart waiting to strike again."

World Peace Begins with the Sacred Commitment of Husband and Wife

After Dr. Schupp's dose of practical guidance, the regional director of the Rocky Mountains FFWPU, Jim Flynn, summarized the purpose of the Federation: "The core of the family is the sacred commitment of man and wife. The FFWPU recognizes that a peaceful world begins with peaceful families, families wherein that sacred commitment between husband and wife thrives. Government leaders can't impose world peace without that foundation.

"We ask people of all backgrounds to look for the commonalty of true love among ourselves. True love takes effort; it is something you build. This ceremony and the November 1997 world-wide celebration by satellite underscore our mutual commitment to establishing world peace beginning with building true love in our families."

Crossing the Bridge of Peace and Renewing True Love

Taking these words to heart, 33 couples then crossed a symbolic Bridge of Peace and renewed their commitment to one another by drinking the Cup of True Love together and being sprinkled with holy water. As a remembrance of this special day, each couple was presented with the glass cup (engraved with the words "Bridge of True Love, 1997") following the ceremony.

While some participants commented that they felt as though they were feasting on true love already, everyone welcomed the international banquet which completed the evening. As over 120 people sat down to fresh salmon and grilled chicken, Lasting Love Awards were presented to seven couples who had been married for over 40 years, including a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary on the very day of the event! Finally, the lights were dimmed and the audience joined to sing "Let There Be Peace On Earth" as the Flame of True Love and Peace was passed from candle to candle, hand to hand, heart to heart.

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