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Divine Principle on TV

by Erling Lea-Austin TX

Getting DP on TV is not a short cut for the Blessing this year, but it is a good way to influence all the others.

After three years and 500-600 hours with our church program Unificationism, I personally think with the number of members we have here in the USA it is the best way to wake up America. The reason True Father still has not received the Nobel peace prize is because most people do not know what True Father is doing. When I witness to ministers, they bow their head in respect to True Parents-or, they politely say they do not agree with our theology. I know for sure around thirty to forty political decisions have been influenced by our programs-maybe more.

The best way to vindicate Father's going to Danbury is to show the video of the congressional hearings over and over again; the people of Texas know for sure that Father was innocent going to prison; combine that with the ATF raid in Waco, and it is shocking.

The cost to headquarters for airtime with national broadcasting is around $100,000; more primetime (6pm to 11pm); and $30,000 to $40,000 after midnight. This price is for one airing only. The cost for me on public access each week is $10 a week for one primetime airing.

It cannot be done, some may say; we need 3/4" broadcasting tapes from HQ. Not necessary; today's machines are so good that a VHS in SP speed works fine; the stations have machines that keep the signal strong all the way. It looks even better than you will play it in your home VCR. Labor involved is approximately two hours for each program.

Why is "60 Minutes" so famous? Because for years and years they kept the same time spot and same type of show over and over again.

Christian churches are now imitating our teaching style with slides and overhead projectors.

On the last election, the talk of the town was not who the president was going to be; it was Unificationism, with old CAUSA reruns as an educational program about communism. Who has most influence here in America: the common preacher or television?

By studying people's lifestyle, it is easy to see which has most influence. If interested, write, phone, fax or e-mail me.

LP Time, P.O. Box 141744, Austin TX 78714.
Ph 512 837 8705; Fax 412 837 8731.
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