Unification News for May 1997

Blessing in Sri Lanka

R. Thillairajan-Colombo, Sri Lanka

On April 22, 28 couples attended the Pre Blessing and lunch. It is a very joyful and a historic occasion to all of us here. This is the second event in this year. The first event took place on the 23rd of Feb. in which 18 couples participated. This ceremony took place at the Hotel Sapphire located in Wellawatha on the Galle road.

There were 2 Hindus, 14 Buddhists and 12 Christians couples who participated reflect the multi-religious atmosphere of the country itself. This is the one of the rare occasion people join and happy with each other and enjoy the whole event. I was concerned how the people are going to react to the video when the blessing was introduced as the ceremony of the UC. We use the video prepared for the 1995 Blessing. To my amazement no one complained but seems to have gone through a deep spiritual and uplifting experience. From their smile and joy I could sense that they have really appreciated participating in this event.

There are some notables participated. One former secretary to the ministry of education and the Director General of the Higher National Education, three Professors, One Lawyer, One Superintend of Police, Some heads of NGO's, Teachers, Bank staff officers, Businessperson, and others participated.

We had more than 50 couples promised to attend but for various reasons they all could not make it. We hope to include these couples in the next event.

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