Unification News for May 1997

New Hope Academy Expanding

by Joy Morrow-Landover Hills, MD

As you may know, U.E.F. is a private non-profit corporation founded by U.C. members. It is dedicated "to meeting the educational needs of the Unificationist community and the greater community of people of faith." Its' projects include New Hope Academy and Preschool, The Korean Language and Cultural Center, The Ballet and Cultural Dance Center, and New Hope Summer Camp. A high school and a foreign exchange student program are also in development for 1997.

New Hope is completing its seventh year of operation, as a private pre-school through eighth grade, certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. We anticipate enrollment will be about 210 students by September of 1997. At this time grades 9 and 10 will also be added. About 40% of our students are Unificationists, with the remaining 60% coming from over 20 different religious faiths. Thirty-five different nationalities are represented among the families and staff at New Hope. New Hope doesn't teach religion, but operates from the Shimjong Theory of Education, which promotes a God-centered, family-values-based, character education program.


This is our second year of being financially autonomous, with our entire budget supported solely through tuition and fundraising. Though the achievement of this goal has been very hard, it has been an inspiring and empowering experience.

Academic Achievements

New Hope has made many strides over these years. Our academic program is considered one of the very best in the county. For five years in a row we have scored in the top 25% of the schools in the U.S. on the Stanford Achievement Tests, a nation-wide standardized test. Our graduates are getting into the best high school and honors programs in the area. This year, of the students accepted to the Korean exchange program at Sonhwa School, six came from New Hope.

Korean Language Program

Representing The Korean Language and Cultural Center (KLCC) at New Hope Academy, Dr. In Ku Marshall and Principal Joy Morrow have been meeting extensively with the Educational Counselors from the Embassy of Korea regarding New Hope's Korean foreign language program. They consider New Hope to have the best elementary/middle school Korean foreign language program anywhere in the U.S.

We held a teacher training program for over 100 Korean heritage language teachers. This was co-sponsored with the Korean Embassy and a D.C. area Metro Korean Saturday School Association. They were very impressed with the materials Dr. In Ku Marshall has created, as well as our specially designed Korean classroom which looks like the inside of a Korean home.

Specialty Classes

In addition to Korean, we have recently begun to offer classes in Spanish and French. In the Ballet and Cultural Dance Center's professional quality dance studio, classical ballet, classical Spanish folk dancing, jazz and tap are taught. Our students are often asked to perform at events throughout the area. New Hope has a martial arts school that teaches a style known as Coung Nhu, and also offers after school classes, music lessons, and specialty courses.

With such versatility and originality, New Hope is setting an example for other schools to follow, of a balanced program that emphasizes spiritual values, development of character and heart, strong academics, hands-on interactive learning, and creativity through the arts and movement.

Future Development

We are proud to say that in seven short years we have created a prototype educational program.

As mentioned we are currently working to develop both a high school and a foreign exchange student program. New Hope is a large facility (52,000 sq. ft.) on eight acres of land, so there is still room for expansion as our program grows. We now have specialty classrooms including a gym, dance studio, science lab, computer lab, art studio, Korean language room, library, conference room and several large multi-use rooms for special events.

New Hope is also researching distance learning with the long-term goal of providing educational programs and support for the National Messiahs and the Home Town families.

Hiring Of Additional Teachers

With the expanded enrollment New Hope will be hiring additional teaching staff for September 1997. Principal Joy Morrow is especially seeking interested first and second generation Unificationists with education degrees. Teaching experience is also preferred, though first year teachers will be given serious consideration.

New Hope is one of the first Shimjong Education schools in the world, and has a tremendous foundation of success, both within the Unificationist community and the greater community at large. With our philosophy based on the Unification Thought Theory of Education we are seeking educators with vision who can appreciate this unique opportunity to create and shape this new system of education.

Its an incredible opportunity to contribute to the development of a unique and new system of education for the new age. New Hope is a prototype, or a laboratory for this theory. With grades PreK2 through high school it encompasses nearly the entire educational path.

We hope that you will find this information to be useful and inspiring, and if you are interested in teaching please contact Joy Morrow at New Hope Academy, as soon as possible. Hiring will take place by early summer.

Principal Joy Morrow is also very interested in supporting brothers and sisters who are seriously interested in starting schools elsewhere, and would welcome your inquiries as well.

Boarding Students

New Hope has enrolled students from outside the D.C. metro area through a program that supports families to make private boarding arrangements with local families. Several families have expressed an interest in having middle school or high school students board with them.

One such family, Steve and Noriko Wright, would be interested in having several students of the same gender board in their home. The Wrights are eminently qualified from their work in Korean for three years as the house parents for the western students at Sonhwa School. As well, they even know many of the older blessed children from their work as Camp Counselors for many years with Camp Sun Rise in New York. Families interested in knowing more about the possibilities for boarding students can contact New Hope Academy directly at (301) 459-711: fax (301) 459-2813 or the Wrights at (310) 422-8042.

As always, we would be greatly honored if any family or individual would like to visit the school the next time they are in the Washington area.

Joy Morrow is President of U.E.F., Principal of New Hope Academy, Pre-school and Day Care.

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