Unification News for March 1997

My Experience as a Student in Korea

by Tamiko Nakamura

I came to Korea when I was only twelve years old. I came with a lot of fear, anxiety and excitement. Everything was so different from what I expected. After going through General Orientation Program and Prep, and then entering middle school, I was given more responsibility. Many times I ran away from my responsibilities. Looking back at myself, I feel ashamed. I didn't set good examples as an elder and I also didn't have such a good relationship with the teachers. Until I became the eldest student, I was very irresponsible. Becoming the oldest student was a big pressure to me, because I knew I couldn't run away any more. In July I went to Chung Pyung for a weekend seminar. Through that workshop I was able to realize my big mistake. I cried and cried to repent for my mistake. After the workshop I determined to change. I tried to build a better relationship with the teachers, and I tried to be a good elder sister to the younger students. I should have done that earlier and I have regret, but I'm glad I was able to realize my mistake and repent for it. Although I'm leaving this dorm soon, I plan to remain in Korea longer, and little by little I want to change myself. I couldn't accomplish so much in this dormitory and I really want to apologize to all the teachers and students in the dorm for not being a good student and for not being a good sister. I also want to thank my parents for letting me have this kind of wonderful experience. I'm very grateful to all of the teachers for helping me so much. I want to thank everyone in this dorm for everything they have done for me to be able to have such a wonderful experience.

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