Unification News for December 1996


An Opportunity for Hometown

by Deborah Lucas-Boise, ID

I want to share what I feel is an inspiring opportunity to assist outreach, help educating families and make a potentially very reasonable income, all in one go. I have been selling Dorling Kindersley books and CD Roms for just over a year in Boise, Idaho; and through them I have met many wonderful people. The books are the very best quality and price available-no other books can compare; so selling D.K. books always makes everyone happy. I have tried selling many other things, but always before, I felt as though I were often creating disharmony as I was asking so much for something. With Dorling Kindersley, people can spend very little and still get something wonderful-or they can spend a lot (and often do) and have the opportunity to build a complete family library.

D.K. publishes the eyewitness books which many people are familiar with; librarians love them and anyone who has a knowledge of books can immediately see their quality. So D.K. books are extremely easy to sell-the reputation is already established. In fact, I don't sell: I share-and the books sell themselves.

I do book parties and from "book-look" I usually meet someone else who wants to earn free books, so they do a party and it spreads outward like branches into the community. Always happy, positive branches- because I have yet to meet someone whose life is not enhanced by the beauty of D.K. products. Such books as "A Child's Book of Prayer in Art," filled with perfectly reproduced classic paintings, and "Forest- A Living World," in which every scale of a lizard jumps out of the page at you-the photography is so spectacular. As one friend of mine said, "You can understand more of God through a D.K. book."

But the real blessing is that Dorling Kindersley has only recently begun to market their books through distributors, so it is a very new business and the financial potential is unbelievable. At the least you can build a library for your family in your own home with absolutely no financial risk; and at best you can build an independent business within a remarkably short time. Even as a mother of six children who home-schools three of them and has two pre-schoolers, I have built a library of 150 books and ten CD Roms, and am making money too! Please think and pray about this opportunity, and if you want more information please write to: Deborah Lucas, 7869 W. Snohomish St., Boise, ID 83709, or call me at 208-362-5612.

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