Unification News for August 1996


Lifeline: A Project of Love

by Dr. Frank Kaufmann-NYC

The other day I received a transatlantic telephone call from Andy Johnson, a fellow in the British Unification Church. Andy runs a program called Lifeline which was assigned to him several years ago by the then British National Leader. The project serves to reconnect former Unification Church members. Through his work already 50 brothers and sisters have re-joined, and 14 couples have received the Blessing!

Andy called to inquire if any such initiative exists in the United States, especially in light of the fact that a fair number of former members reside here. He offered to bequeath his knowledge and foundation to any couple interested in such activity. "It is hard work," Andy says. "The husband and wife should really love each other, and they should naturally have a lot of love for members."

Andy is happy to come here to the States for a while to help anyone interested in such a ministry. If you are interested, please give Andy a call at Lancaster Gate, headquarters of the British Unification Church.


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