Unification News for August 1996


Principle Study Book and Workbook for Children and Youth

by Ray & Kathy Sabo-Clifton, NJ

We are pleased to announce the second publication of the Principle Study Book and Workbook. The second publication contains 20 lessons covering both Part One and Part Two of the Divine Principle. Part One has been revised and improved according to feedback and suggestions from the first printing. In addition, the 21st lesson summarizes the speech called, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." The study book contains 400+ pages. The workbook is 100+ pages. Bright colors of a sunrise shine forth on the covers. We are confident you will be very satisfied with this set.

Each of the lessons in the Principle Study Book introduces the main points of the Divine Principle followed by discussion questions and a suggested activity. The pages are illustrated and the words are clear and simple. The Principle Workbook reviews and reinforces the ideas. It contains multiple choice questions and puzzles. A list of activity ideas for each lesson is given in the workbook including the following areas: 1) Artwork, 2) Music, 3) Performance, 4) Field Trip, 5) Write, and 6) Actionize. These suggestions can be used to spark your own ideas based on the situation, time, ages, and the interests of the individuals. These books can be incorporated into Family Study, Sunday School Lessons, Workshops, Youth Activities, Discussion Groups, Lecturing, and Witnessing.

The Principle Study Book and Workbook can be used in different ways depending on the situation and the age of the children. 1) Each lesson can be read and discussed. 2) One page can be the "topic of the day." 3) One of the activities can be the "project of the day." 4) One of the questions can be the "discussion of the day." 5) One of the Bible Quotes can be a "lesson for the day." 6) One of the illustrations can be used for an explanation. 7) Or, just browse through the book until a discussion starts informally.

We hope these books will continue to bring inspiration, hope, and guidance for many children, as well as young men and women everywhere.


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