Unification News for August 1996


Notes from Chung Pyung Lake

These are excerpts from reports sent in by two of HSA's HQ staff who are at the workshop at Chung Pyung Lake in Korea.

This place is really a blessed place and all American couples are doing well. With some health problem.

We set up an international committee to run our group since we have over 350 members in the Western workshop. Michael Kiely and I are trying to contribute to help things run smoothly.

We begin the seven-day fast Aug. 26. It was amazing to see all the Japanese couples going to the top of the mountain on their sixth and seventh days. Hope we can all do as well.

Rev. Kwak stressed that both partners should do a forty-day condition and the next one is Sept. 20. But at least if one is here they can receive a country.

We are all repenting and feeling renewal and hope.

- Betsy Jones

We are now over a third done with our workshop. Our prayers at the trees of love, heart, all things, loyalty, life and blessing grow deeper; the hike up to Holy Ground more meaningful. As people have become used to the routine, the singing sessions become a wonderful tool for spiritual cleansing. We are increasingly united and clapping with more and more vigor. Testimonies of spirits leaving and of breakthroughs are increasing.

Meanwhile, thousands of Koreans, including hundreds of children, come every three days. Also, in the Korean forty-day workshop are Dr. Seuk (CIS), Rev. Kim (in charge of Asia), Rev. Lee (KEA-NY), plus a number of Koreans who used to be at UTS.

Most of us have colds with a persistent cough and lots of mucus. This is part of the healing process. Dr. Sheftick, whose foot was to be amputated, is healing well. No amputation was necessary.

We all have so much to be grateful for! I appreciated your advice about using every minute well. I pray all is well with you & T, B & S at HQ.

- Michael Kiely


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