Unification News for August 1996


Choir Sings for True Mother's Speech in Philadelphia

by Christine Libon-Clifton, NJ

Are we all a little crazy, putting aside other responsibilities to pour out hours of practice, prayer and travel over long distances to perform two songs this Friday night? We need only to reflect on the motivation of God and True Parents over so many years to know the answer.

Traveling by school bus was, needless to say, less than luxurious. Sitting in the rear I positioned myself as if on horseback to survive the bumps with all my internal organs intact. Yet I was joyful, cherishing the opportunity to share this experience with much respected brothers and sisters. Some personal testimonies were also shared. Representatives from the original New Hope Singers (1972) were there.

We passed the abstract metal visage of Benjamin Franklin and entered the Wyndham Hotel where lady ushers in traditional Korean dress dotted the halls like multicolored jewels. A sparkling corsage of a dark pink and peach carnation highlighted the striking black and white attire of our choir. Tingling with excitement, the young second generation, many of whom are musically gifted, stood tall, ready to join their beautiful voices with the combined choir from five areas, this time including Korean ladies (one a veteran opera singer). See the flickering candlelight, hear the tinkling of silverware as we focus on Francesco Santelli and deliver our performances of Doraji and Himangenararo. Perhaps the audience felt nostalgic during Moon Sook Yoon's solo. Perhaps they felt hope and the preciousness of family through the innocent voices of the children. Peter Kim and Rev. Kil Hwan Kim looked on. For those of you unfamiliar with the song Himangenararo, the basic translated meaning expresses a call to cross the wild sea to a nation of hope overflowing with beauty, peace, freedom, equality and happiness.

We were hearing tidbit reports-the audience was attentive to Mother's words, a Catholic Bishop was in attendance, also a representative of the mayor of Philadelphia.

At the victory celebration, Mother immediately connected with Father via conference call to Washington DC. As Father and national messiahs there sang songs, I gazed at Hoon Sook Nim's peaceful demeanor hearing the words "if, by chance, that special place that you've been dreaming of leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love."

Back home now for a few hours of sleep and to receive a phone call that True Mother especially enjoyed our performance: Would we be able to perform at the last speech of the tour tonight in Manhattan? Sound check at 4pm.-Well, due to an already packed entertainment schedule, we did not. But, wouldn't it have been great?!

Please consider joining us. Tell your neighbors and friends that Clifton NJ Church is hoping to expand its choir, especially the alto and tenor sections. Anyone with knowledge or experience in voice training is welcomed to tutor or assist us at rehearsals. If you think you'd enjoy the inspirational experience of singing with the choir, call Mrs. Kono at (201)235-1868.


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