Unification News for July 1996


True Mother vs. Madelyn O'Hare

by Erling Lea-Austin, TX

Living in the same city as Madelyn O'Hare and headquarters of American Atheist is very interesting. We ended up living not so far from their national headquarters here in Austin, Texas. Mrs. O'Hare has two sons; one is a minister in Dallas, the one who was the reason prayer was taken out of schools. The other is president of American Atheist, founded by his mother, Madelyn O'Hare.

While airing True Mother's speech, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age," on the local access TV in here, the speech always ended up next to Madelyn O'Hare's American Atheist program; first them, then WFWP speech. Later on, True Mother's speech first, and then the American Atheist. WFWP speech was aired a total of 40 times.

Two extreme women one on Satan side another on God's side. IIf figure out if she sees her own program she also sees True Mother. I decided to invite her to WFWP and sent invitations to her but with no response; actually her life is always in danger because Christians beat her up when they see her, so much for loving their enemies.

Anyhow I noticed she needs love. She uses the Bible and argues with it on her program always.

Anyhow Rev. Tusamgari state leader of Texas arranged a "Put Prayer Back in School" rally, when Rev. Murray O'Hare's Christian son spoke in Austin, we taped that one too and aired it many times. A very powerful speech available on video. And then she disappeared from everybody, the program stopped, and nobody knows where she is, is she murdered, or is she living in another country.

A paper had a front page leadline recently: "Only God Knows Where She Is."

Anyhow one of the last things she said before she disappeared was that: "If prayer will improve the schools, then it should be put in use"!

Maybe True Mother's love was too much for her; you never know!


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