Unification News for July 1996


Spiritual Paintings

by Jan Parker-Kula, HI

I have been showing my paintings in Japan every year since 1989. My recent show-"Heart of Love," in the Ginza Tokyo and in OITA-last April, was actually my seventh show and the first time all spiritual paintings-over 100 works. This time we had TV, radio and newspaper coverage. An estimated 3,000 people attended the two shows-and all the major paintings found collectors. The response of the public was very encouraging. My experience during the seven-month production or rather preparation of the show were very interesting for me!

The (Physic?) (Psychic?) News in London want to do a major article on my new spiritual paintings. I shall be in London for an interview in late June. Also in August there will be the Akinlian international art show in Tokyo with many artist brothers and sisters attending.

The following are notes about some paintings in my show, from a talk to brothers and sisters in Japan.

Some of these paintings came from dreams, others from visions, and with some I just sat down in front of a blank, white canvas or thick watercolor paper and just began to paint, and my prayer was answered- an image came into my mind and I painted it. For example, the large painting "Heart of Love": I wanted to create a large painting, and after praying about the image, a picture came into my mind of steps going up and up-three sets of seven steps, 21 in all, symbolizing formation, growth and perfection stages, I think; also, two trees on each side, representing trees of life; then the ideal couple-God's original purpose. The White Horse is a symbol of the Messiah; the boat, a symbol of the Journey of Life; and the sun, moon and stars. The whole painting is the opening up of Heaven on Earth and Heaven in the Eternal Spirit World. The painting's foundation was painted very quickly in just a few hours. Then over several weeks I added more paint, more light and dark-then an inner voice told me, "Don't paint on it any more, leave it just as it is." It was finished! The three paintings, "Angel of the Healing Light," "Beloved Eternal" and "Angel of the Dawn" were all painted together; the idea came into my mind, "Faith, True Love, Hope." In my mind I saw a beautiful angel dressed in splendid colored robes with rainbow light around him. He came with a bright white light from which a vibration of healing power poured out. This angel came to give healing to people who had even just a small amount of faith in their hearts. "True Love" or "Beloved Eternal" is the blessed couple who are dressed in pure white-they have found the "Tree of Life"; the whole spiritual and physical universe surrounds them with love and protection. They stand above the shore where lies the ocean of the world. The ocean represents the people of the world, but this couple are resurrected above the ocean-this is God's longed-for Ideal. "Hope"-or "Angel of the Dawn"-here the angel has been waiting for the moment when the light of dawn appears over the sea on the horizon. Finally the dawn appears, the angel's hand goes to his heart as with tears of joy he watches the dawn appear. He was two pure white lilies in his hand, a symbol of True Parents. The more abstract color-harmony paintings like "Harmony", "On the Wings of True Love" and "Joy of the Eternal Spirit" were based on the memory of a vision I received in 1978. On the ceiling of my room, one after another, five beautiful abstract pictures appeared, each one with its own color harmony. The colors were moving, and so much love vibrated from the images, tears were streaming down my face. I thought to myself, "One day I want to make paintings like that," but my paintings are still far from the beautiful vision I saw all those years ago! The gauche painting called "Spirit" was the first to be painted for this show. I sat down in front of a sheet of white watercolor paper and prayed. Then with no concept of what I was going to paint, I just dipped my brush into the paint and painted shapes on the white paper.

Gradually a face appeared together with many figures and flowers and shapes-also, a holy female figure on the right-hand side; then I realized it was Heung Jin Nim Moon and Hoonsook Nim Moon that I had painted-"Light from the Tree of Life"-in London there is a beautiful tree on the Holy Ground that Father chose. One day I was praying there when I looked up, and the sunlight poured the branches of the tree. I made a quick drawing in my sketchbook, and several years later I based this oil painting on that sketch. "The Gates of Heaven"-its image was in the back of my mind for a few weeks; then one day it sort of moved from the back to the front of my mind, so to speak, and I began to paint those blessed couples moving towards the Gates of Heaven, and all the details gradually appeared.


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