Unification News for July 1996


Faith, Service and Perseverance Brings Family to Blessing

by Michael and Yoshie Dickerson-Louisville, KY

My family and I moved back to Louisville, Kentucky in August '91 and started our Hometown Providence. I was able to witness to my relatives through the weekly prayer meetings held every Saturday evening at my mother's home. She's the matriarch of the family, the oldest of five children, and very religious. Just recently her church honored and thanked her for loyal service and devotion to God and the church. It was a very moving and heartfelt moment to see and hear all the people my mother taught in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Bible study give testimony as to how my mother, with the help of God, was able to make an impact in their lives in bringing them an insightful and fundamental understanding of God.

Through the weekly prayer meetings, I gave principled explanations of the Bible and I asked them what the purpose is of believing in God, reading the Bible, praying and being baptized if you cannot in your lifetime reach spiritual perfection and allow Heavenly Father to come into your lives completely, spiritually and physically. For this to happen, I explained, Original Sin must be removed and the only one who can do that is the Messiah. Heavenly Father will forgive Original Sin through Rev. and Mrs. Moon. They were happy they had an opportunity to come closer to God. I explained also that they could be blessed to a saint in spirit world, someone who was loyal and true to God, who maybe even gave their life for God. They were very happy to hear that. So they participated in the Blessing on Dec. 17, 1995, at the state center in Louisville, Ky. Due to physical problems, they were not able to make it to New York. But thank God, Heavenly Father opens doors when you think there is no door! And now, a precedent has been set in our family that other relatives can come to the Blessing in Washington, DC in '97.

My wife and I are happy that we have the opportunity to write this article and share this testimony as an inspiration to our brothers and sisters who are participating in the Hometown Providence and/or en route to their Hometown Providence. Be of good courage!-God is there! We have been truly blessed to have this opportunity to witness to our relatives in this way. All glory to our Heavenly Father and True Parents for this opportunity!

My mother, uncle and aunt through faith, service and perseverance overcame divorce and were able to raise their children by themselves, provide a loving home and keep their family in church. They had to suffer many things, but through prayer, faith and tears they were able to receive the Blessing. Through faith, works and Heavenly Father's direction, they were able to bring forth good fruit.

The Bible gives inspiration to those who have suffered greatly but kept the faith. Perseverance is so important in our life of faith, along with service and sacrifice. In the end, Heavenly Father will wipe the tears from our eyes because we went through the time of trials and tribulations with God and we were faithful to Him. We shed tears not for ourselves but for Heavenly Father and humankind.

Our True Parents exemplify to the utmost this Heavenly standard of faith, service and perseverance. This is a standard that transcends all religious denominations and sects, clearly testifies to Heavenly Father and True Parents, and shows without a doubt that our True Parents are the hope of salvation for the world!

Be consistent in your work and mission, pray and serve! God is working! True Parents have taught us if we give 100%, Heavenly Father will be there, absolutely!

Remember, there's always hope because there's always God!

Michael Dickerson is the ICC (International Conferences for Clergy) coordinator in Kentucky.


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