Unification News for May 1996


Washington Time Foundation Award Recognizes Service to Youth in WV

by Claudette Kambara-Charleston, WV

On April 16, at the Washington Times Foundation Inaugural Banquet, it was a miracle of God: West Virginia was represented. Only 10 days before the event, God helped us to find the awardee Secretary of Tax and Revenue James H. Paige III, an outstanding young black man who gave new pride to our state in founding several learning centers for youth.

I kept praying to God in my heart: is there anyone worthy out there, Heavenly Father, an unsung hero who has done good deeds for West Virginia whom You wish to recognize? After vain efforts to recontact friends, nothing worked. I felt incredible pressure from above to find this open-minded person. Out of desperation I called our good friends' neighbors. The very day our cat gave birth to her kittens, our neighbor told me about Mr. Paige. Just two of us-Gloria Frothingham and myself-had a meeting, while my husband Tsukasa watched the children, and from there all worked out up to the great day where we could hear Father give the most amazing proclamation of the Principle and providence.

A few weeks after the event, a very good article was printed in a local West Virginia newspaper, stating: "The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Washington Times Foundation, gave the keynote address. `He spoke a lot about family values and the importance of holding the family together.... The things I found most interesting were remarks concerning the importance of family values and keeping the family together to address many of the problems we have today,' Paige said."

The event included entertainment with international flair. Students from the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. performed with guest artists from the Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as the Universal Ballet of Seoul, Korea and the Tulsa Ballet Theater.

Jim Boothby presented the award to Mr. Paige on behalf of Congressman Bob Wise. He then attended as Rev. Moon presented his monumental speech. The atmosphere in the banquet room of the Hilton was incredibly high-spirited, and the evening concluded with an overwhelming sense of victory and elation.


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