Unification News for May 1996


Unificationist Korean Schools Participate in Korean Children's Festival

by Sarah Ribble-Clifton, NJ

On Saturday, May 18, two of our Unificationist Korean schools participated in the 10th Children's Festival held in Flushing (Queens), New York. This is an annual event sponsored by the Metropolitan Area Korean School Association and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Twenty Korean schools participated with skits, songs, dances, puppet shows and more. Over 500 children and guests attended the event.

The Jin-A Korean school from Tarrytown, and the Dong Won Korean School of New Jersey Jin-A Child Care Center participated in the event. The Tarrytown Korean school, under the leadership of Mrs. Mal Sook Lee as principal and Mrs. Mija Baughman as coordinator, has participated in this event for over five years. The Tarrytown and New Jersey Korean schools are members of the Korean School Association and are registered with the Korean embassy. This year under the guidance of two Korean teachers Nam Sook Kwak and Mrs. Hwa Ja LaValley, nine 6th and 7th grade students presented two songs "Do Ra Gi" and "Mu Kung Hwa" as well as a Korean drum dance.

This is the first year the New Jersey Dong Won Korean School of Jin-A Child Care Centered registered in the National Korean School Association and participated in the Children's Festival. Fifteen children led by Mrs. Hyesik Shanker and accompanied by Phillip Shanker on guitar performed two songs, "OmMa, ApPa" and "OmMaYa NuNaYa Kang Byun SalJa" as well as a Korean dance to the song "When Springtime Comes."

At the Children's Festival it was very obvious that our two school groups were different from the others. We were the only schools with children from all over the world. It was unusual for the all-Korean audience to see children on stage with blond hair and blue eyes singing in Korean. One woman curiously asked me if my daughter is really studying Korean.

Both the Tarrytown and New Jersey Korean schools are looking forward to future participation in these and other Korean events. In conclusion, here are the words to the song presented by the New Jersey school-"When Springtime Comes." This is a popular spring song which True Mother sang for Father on the day of their engagement 36 years ago. This was the first song she ever sang for him.

When Springtime Comes
When springtime comes, azaleas bloom in the mountain fields.
But, in that beautiful place, my heart is also in bloom.
Young maiden from the village yonder!
When you come to pick the tender azaleas,
Don't take only the flowers, but gather my heart as well.

When springtime comes, the song of skylarks fills the sky.
Where the skylarks sing, my heart is also singing.
Young maiden gathering wild mountain greens!
When you hear the birds singing, do not hear only the skylarks,
But listen for my heart as well.


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