Unification News for May 1996


First American to Attend Chung Pyung Lake Workshop

by Richard Fairbrother-Portsmouth, NH

Richard Fairbrother, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, was the first American to attend the Chung Pyung Lake workshop.

While in New York for the True God's Day celebration this year, my wife Yukiko excitedly told me that a "Mrs. Kim" was doing a spiritual liberation in the recently-converted dining room on the second floor of the World Mission Center. As we joined the meeting, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim was speaking about our ancestors' desire to bless us, but that a blockage exists due to our own evil actions and thoughts.

As was noted in the Jan. '96 UNews on p14, "True Father introduced Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, an 1800 Couples sister carrying out a special mission as representative of Daemonim (Great Mother Hong), healing and bringing good angelic support for our members' work for God."

At first we joined in Holy Songs for what seemed an endless time (more about this later). Then Mrs. Kim began moving through the crowd, sending unwanted spirits away with her hands and pausing to slap our bodies and heads.

As soon as she reached me, the shower of whacks to the top of my head both cleared my mind and showed me my "spiritual condition"!

Mrs. Kim invited Yukiko and me to go to Korea to join the next prayer meeting. Within days we and our children were headed for Seoul, Chung Pyung Lake, and the 85th prayer meeting. I was sure we would benefit from the experience spiritually, but I also harbored the hope that my physical situation could be improved.

When we arrived, we read the plaque at the entrance: "The Chung Pyung Training Center was erected at the site where True Father used to pitch his tent-originally a sloping orchard of mulberry trees."

True Father said: "The views from (CPLTC) are among the most beautiful in the world-mountains harmonizing with a lake, together forming the shape of a Rose of Sharon flower. The Chung Pyung holy ground symbolizes the restored Garden of Eden. In its valleys, traditional folk villages representing the cultures of the world's nations will be built, creating a miniature world. ... True Father used to come here to Chung Pyung before and after every important providential event. This is the very place where he wrote his speech for the World Rally for Korean Freedom in 1975. In short, (CPLTC) is the cradle of a new history, Heaven's Training Ground, and a holy place which will become mankind's internal hometown."

To educate us and our ancestors, a series of 18 lectures is presented over a three-day period. But time and again I was brought back to the simple message of a spiritual master: Be here now; Make each moment a real moment; or simply, Pay attention. These are not just buzzwords or offhanded advice; our lives depend on it.

The lectures were in Korean, but I was often lucky enough to sit next to someone who could translate for me. Probably at later meetings a translation will be broadcast at the lecture hall. Bring your Walkman!


My physical condition has not improved. Mrs. Kim must have looked at me 50 times and gently but firmly said, "You have to open your heart!" Could this be the "tragic flaw" which my eighth-grade English teacher spoke of? Surely Heavenly Father and True Parents will rebuild us all to factory specifications.

Some members have contacted me about the prospect of helping physical disabilities/sicknesses. This was our hope when we went in February.

The most important aspect of the Chung Pyung Lake experience, however, is the lecture content. I feel that the spiritual aspect of the experience is related, but it is primarily to make us aware of the reality of Daemonim and Heung Jin Nim.

In my case (multiple sclerosis), the problem is a blockage of signals through the fatty sheath around the axon of each nerve-a hardening of the sheath, resulting in plaques. Their higher resistance blocks the impulses. For me, the stiffness in my legs is occurring because all the muscles in an extremity are being stimulated.

My physical problem was not improved in Korea or thereafter. Actually, it is a bit worse, but my neurologist said that as I age it will worsen. So for those with physical problems, they must ask themselves if the cause is spiritual.

The lecture content is very important, and should be the primary reason for attending. It is a wonderful chance to become aware of and make relationship with Daemonim and Heung Jin Nim.


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