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Taking A Look At Our Drinking Water

So far I have extolled the virtues of proper eating habits and the necessity of cleansing the body from accumulated toxins and especially from the buildup of plaque-like matter on the intestinal walls. I have left out one very crucial component that otherwise is taken rather lightly by many people. The most important substance on earth is" WATER!

Consider these points: Blood is 92% water. Mother's milk =85% water; Juicy fruits & vegetables = 85% water. Indeed, our entire body is about 67% water. If, therefore, we want to care properly for our health and cleanse our digestive and eliminative system and all internal organs, it certainly stands to reason that the quality of liquids we consume every day is of great importance.

Most Americans still get their water from the public water supply. The government is usually very hesitant to make citizens aware of the many problems existing with the quality of public drinking water so as not to create a panic, however please consider a couple of news items:

The U.S. Public Health Service conducted a study during the late 1980's and concluded that pregnant women who drink or bathe in chlorinated tap water contaminated with commonly occurring organic chemicals run a slightly greater risk of bearing babies that are small, premature or afflicted with certain congenital defects. The study stated in part: "Various chlorination by-products formed by toxic wastes leaching into water also increased birth defects, including cleft palate and lip, by up to 3-1/2 times the normal rate."

Dr. Clifford Dennison, a professor and expert in water purification technologies, stated in one of his publications that by using a chlorine testing kit, he found that the chlorine level in his home's tap water is invariably higher than is recommended for his swimming pool. In other words, tap water may be drinkable, just don't swim in it!

A while ago, Columbus city water users were notified that less than ninety percent (90%) of the samples taken showed lead levels below EPA safety standards. Since more than the acceptable levels of lead were indicated, information regarding lead in drinking water had to be provided to the public.

The EPA reports that 22% of large US systems exceed acceptable lead action levels. Most of these offending systems are in the Midwest, Northeast and Northwest.

In California 46 large systems failed to monitor; in NY, 38% samples were above the action lead level. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has advised that people with compromised immune systems should not use tap water because of the harmful microorganisms present in it.

On the one hand, many say that there is no reason to be alarmed since there is no epidemic of diseases traced to tap water, on the other hand, we need to be aware that degenerative diseases in general are the result of unhealthy practices over a long period of time.

Most people think of water as something that quenches their thirst; case closed. I hope you can see how crucial water is from these three viewpoints:

1) Do you wash your car in a muddy river, or wash your hair (pardon me) in the toilet? Of course not. Water, acting as a solvent, reaches into every cell to absorb and carry away the poisons that are formed as a part of the life process. This cleansing process cannot function properly when the water itself is polluted. The average person's kidney filters about 400 gallons of blood a day. It's rather common sense that we can greatly aid this process by consuming pure water.

2) Water helps transport substances in the body. As a solvent, water helps prepare substances for transport across cell membranes and for distribution throughout the body by way of the circulatory and lymph systems. When the water is filled with contaminants, its ability to dissolve bodily substances is impaired.

3) Water keeps body chemistry regulated and functioning properly. Without enzymes and trace minerals, the metabolic activities in the body cannot take place. Contaminants in the drinking water will interfere with these crucial processes. In addition, water is important in regulating body temperature.

What then is pure water? There are several ways to achieve water purification with different degrees of success. I have found that nothing can compare with steam distillation. Water is heated to the point where it evaporates. The steam is then cooled down and collected in an appropriate container. It actually is slightly more complicated than that. Last year I installed a very large distillation plant in one of my health food stores so my customers have access to the best and freshest distilled water available anywhere. The water goes actually through a half dozen processing cycles before it is finally available to the consumer.

Let me answer one question that usually comes up when people hear that drinking distilled water is best for the health. What about the minerals in tap water? Don't we need them for better health, and doesn't distilled water actually leech minerals from the body? The answer is absolutely no! Of course we need minerals for good health but not the inorganic minerals that are present in tap water. We get minerals from the food we eat. Plants have the unique ability to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms our bodies can use. The minerals contained in water actually hinder water from fulfilling its proper role. Clean, distilled water enters your system clean and is therefore free to absorb and wash away the poisons your system generates and the poisons that have accumulated.

One reason why my Internal Cleansing Program is so successful is because I emphasize steam distilled water. If you get tired of carrying heavy water bottles from the store every other day, then invest in a good home distillation unit, not just a carbon filter that you attach to the faucet. Don't expect miracles overnight if you are suffering from some degenerative condition. Yet, there are so many case histories of people who have enjoyed success in alleviating or overcoming a variety of health problems when they began drinking steam distilled water exclusively. Even fruit juices cannot replace distilled water in a health recovery or maintenance program.

So try your best to wean yourself from sodas, coffee, regular teas and other liquids containing a lot of sugar, caffeine, preservatives and other harmful substances. Believe me, your body will thank you and you will be able to tell the difference in your daily life.

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