Unification News For March 1996


Camp Sunrise: A Treasure in NY

by Bruce Grodner-Yonkers, NY

This will be our eighth year at Camp Sunrise. The number 8 means new beginning and we are looking forward to an exciting summer. As we plan for the upcoming season, I'm reminded of the time we first saw the camp's condition after lying vacant for six years. Though neglected, the camp's potential was evident even then. Former Governor Cuomo himself wanted to rehabilitate it as a facility for underprivileged children from the inner city. Unable to obtain the funds for renovation, the facility was offered to us. Step by step the process has been moving forward as we breathe love and life into the camp.

As we all know, the camp has become a treasured asset. So close to New York City and yet it seems hundreds of miles away. This year the emphasis is on families and we are making the camp available to you, your family, friends and neighbors. We are planning sports, fishing competitions, prizes, organized hikes, historic and educational outings, nature studies, and much more.

Membership has its privilege

1) Get a membership. As many camps are faced with finding their own sources of income to continue, we too are in need of your help.

Last year we were able to continue with the moneys collected from generous donations and the membership drive. For those who supported with donations and memberships, we thank you.

Plan "A" for a donation of $125

1) You and your family will have access to the camp and your $7 Parking Fee will be waived for the season.

2) You and your family will have 2 days & 2 nights of lodging (meals not included).

3) You will be given a 20% discount on food and lodging any time you stay or eat at the camp.

*Swimming will be limited to weekends and special occasions.

Plan "B" for a donation of $250

1) You, your family and guests will have access to the camp and your $7 Parking Fee will be waived for the season (up to 3 vehicles at a time).

2) You and your family will have 2 days & 2 nights free lodging (meals will be included).

3) You will be given a 25% discount on any future accommodations this season for food & lodging for your family and friends (for up to 10 people).

*Swimming will be limited to weekends and special occasions.

If you respond before May 1, 1996, Plan "A" will be $100, Plan "B" will be $200.

2) Volunteer Your Time and Skills. Through the efforts of the State, brothers & sisters, friends and families, we have been able to resurrect the camp. With your help we will continue to make progress.

3) Invite local Churches and Organizations. Last year we were able to host a number of diverse groups including martial arts schools, church and youth fellowship groups, and company conferences. They were quite successful and we would like to develop this more.

4) Your Suggestions. We would appreciate your ideas to help create programs for family activities.

In The Works

1) Outdoor bathrooms will be converted to a flush toilet system.

2) Sleeping cabins will be upgraded.

3) Fun and affordable Family getaway packages.

Special Thanks

First we want to thank Rev. Joong Hyun Pak for his vision and constant inspiration. Next a special thanks to Go Ezaki for his expert financial management. We want to thank Kimiaki and Yayoi Kageyama for their tireless effort and the incredible meals they provided. Their talents were revealed when they prepared the banquets for the two conferences we hosted. The participants are still talking about it.

Thanks to the Assistant Camp Director Tom Corley and Camp Bookkeeper Misako Corley. Tom was instrumental in organizing and overseeing all renovations and work projects. His dedication and technical abilities really got the job done.

Thanks to Marvin Cintron for his handy skills and the development of the Monster Bass Research Association. His organization will be judging and overseeing the fishing competitions.

Special thanks to our son Brian Meade, who will also be returning this season with his many talents. All who met him last year were impressed by his pure heart and enthusiasm. (Ask about our payment plan.)

Yes!!! I want to help Camp Sunrise.

Plan A $125

Plan B $250 Donation Other

Please make check payable to HSA-UWC, and write "Camp Sunrise" on the memo line.

Mail To: Camp Sunrise, 4 West 43rd St., N.Y., NY 10036 or Call (914)966-1676


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