Unification News For February 1996


Jin-A Children Perform at God's Day and for Clifton Mayor

by Sarah Ribble-Belleville, NJ

Forty Jin-A children and alumni performed for True Parents and guests from around the world at this year's True God's Day evening performance. Many children were dressed in cultural costumes representing their heritage. The children sang two Korean songs and several English songs including an original song titled "True Parents" written especially for the occasion by Ken Hendricks. The singing was led by Mrs. Anna Collura-Keck, Jin-A head teacher for seven years, and Mrs. Shanker, the Korean teacher at Jin-A, accompanied by Ken Hendricks on guitar.

Jin-A is in its eighth year of operation as a licensed and certified childcare center and has pioneered incredible milestones in children's education. Over 300 children have graduated from Jin-A and over 1,000 children have attended for varying lengths of time. Jin-A has also been providing a broad cultural and educational program including karate, dance, Kindermusic, Kumon and Computertotts.

With the excellent foundation of caring and learning they have received, Jin-A graduates go on to excel in their elementary schools. Still, graduates feel a deep connection and love for this special place and friendships which begin at Jin-A continue throughout the years.

Children Carol for City Workers

This is the fourth year that children from Jin-A Childcare Center went to spread holiday cheer to City Hall, in appreciation for their service to the city of Clifton. A group of 15 four- and five-year-olds sang Christmas carols for city workers including the mayor, police chief and fire chief. The mayor looked forward to their coming and gave each child a coloring book.

After the caroling, some children visited Eva's Family Center for homeless families in Paterson. This year, the Jin-A children and parents collected two big boxes of clothing, $270, hot chocolate and candy to give to those in need. In the last few years, children have collected donations for UNICEF and relief efforts in Yugoslavia, Russia and Rwanda.


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