Unification News For January 1996


Getting Back on the Right Track

by Christine Bryant-Woodstock, GA

Time is flying and we are only getting older and hopefully wiser! I remember a long time ago True Father saying that we are on a heavenly train speeding forward, and some of us would hang on and some of us would fall off. I never envisioned at the time that I would be one to fall off.

However, I broke my Blessing, and slowly drifted away. I got married on the "outside". I had the remote hope that I could bring that person to understanding the Principle and True Parents.

Call me sinister, but I always wondered what Satan was really like. Well, during seven years of a "conflict-ridden" marriage, I found out. I decided to stop the spiritual spiral down, save what was left of me and my little girl, and find that heavenly train. And what a lot of ground True Parents' train has covered.

Feeling so unworthy, my only hope is to catch the Concord of True Parents' love and forgiveness. The Blessing is the only means by which I can stay eternally connected to anything, even my child.

A couple of Korean leaders have impressed to me Father's constant concern for the return of older members. I heard that in Korea, Mother offered a special prayer for the same. True Parents still want to Bless those of us who fell away. An outpouring of tremendous forgiveness by True Parents has been testified to in the most recent blessing.

Of course, in the movement itself there are not too many single members left who are over 30 years of age. So, those of us who are considering refurbishing our souls need to connect with each other. I'm sure that there are other brothers and sisters out there in the same boat. Perhaps we can help each other get back on the right track, one step at a time. I truly look forward to anyone calling, even if it is just for a chat. My telephone number is (770) 928-5627 and my address is 175 Little Brook Drive, Woodstock, Georgia 30188. I need your input, ideas and suggestions. Perhaps we can start a newsletter.


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