Unification News For January 1996


The Long Distance Child Sponsorship Scheme

by Chris Hays-London, IRFF U.K.

393. That's the total amount of infants and toddlers whose lives in orphanages are touched on a weekly basis by the programs of IRFF U.K. It's definitely real saving lives! And in the former Soviet Union, places like Kiev, Ukraine and St. Petersburg, Russia, there are many, many opportunities to demonstrate daily that our True Parents are the real parents of the world, by taking care of God's children, by helping to heal them.

With all this talk in the last two years of value, it's easy to get the wrong impression or a poor idea. Values-driven caring doesn't always or even usually translate into social change and/or political gain. It's actually more about the experiences you have with the end- user, the needy, the aged, the poor, the hungry, the global village of the heart, and what is nurtured between two persons sharing a core value. That's like being a True Parent!

The Long Distance Child Sponsorship Scheme in Britain and in the former USSR was born out of a desire to move into more sustainable, more developmental works for the sake of God's hurting children. The provision of humanitarian and relief aid has always been a cornerstone and the foundation of IRFF projects in the U.K. as we have over the last three years sent out aid to the wholesale value of 156,750 pounds sterling to the Balkans (1993-95).

But in the light of recent events as this 1990s decade began, as well as the Earth Summit at Rio in '92, more self-reliant ways and means of doing things can and must be one of several core values to solution the ills of our human planet.

Heavenly Father really assisted me to break through here and partner up with leading, successful, cutting-edge charities for this scheme.

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