Articles From the December 1995 Unification News


Purchasing a Master Marine Boat

Mr. Yamaguchi was the first member of the church to purchase one of the new Good Go boats. This is an interview with him.

Q. Congratulation! You are the first member to purchase a Master Marine boat. Tell us about your story.

A. Well, already 10 years passed since I arrived in America. Now, I remember so many things from these past 10 years.

I joined the Unification Church when I was 28 years old. Before that, I was living in deep mountain. I grew up climbing mountains in summer time and skiing in winter time. All my life was a mountain life.

Then, since I joined the Unification Church, I found out about Father's ocean providence. In the airplane on my way to America, I was thinking about all this and I determined to change my life style from mountain to ocean.

Q. What is your motivation that made you decide to purchase a boat? Did you have any fishing experience?

A. I had a chance to experiment tuna fishing in Gloucester, but only for 4 days. At that time, I was so terribly seasick, I didn't enjoy fishing.

4 years ago, in 1991, I started working in NJ. I started to go fishing with a company Friend Mr. Nakai. I didn't know any fishing technique. Little by little, he taught me about fishing. I can never forget the first fish I caught. I was so excited, I wanted to catch even bigger fishes.

I started fishing from pier, but I wanted to fish on the ocean. Since then, I went quite a few times on the party boat to go out fishing. Through the party boat, I caught much bigger fishes.

Then, my desire grew up so quickly. I wanted to go fishing by myself anytime I wanted. That's the main reason why I want to buy the boat.

Q. What is your plan for using the boat?

A. I've had a dream that someday, I want to catch tuna with my own boat. However, after I read "God's Will and the Ocean", my vision became wider.

One of the reasons I want to buy the boat is that this boat is the result of Father's and all brothers' and sisters' blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes, I kept watching the members building a boat and I knew that boat was conceptualized by Father through many fishing experiences and according to Father's ideal plan. That's why it's a really fantastic boat.

Another reason is that I had a ski instructor for 12 years since I was in high school. That man also had fishing skills, he does fishing for living. Lately, I heard he is the manager of a fish restaurant that serves cooked river fish. When I left the place, he was the one I regretted the most. I hope I can do something for him. I want to show him how God's providence is developing. This boat is the solution. We can go out together on Atlantic ocean, and I'll let him fish. That way is faster to show him Father's vision and make him understand easier.


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