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Jin-A Kindergarten: Moving into a School of Tomorrow

by Sarah Ribble-Clifton, NJ


Recently I had the opportunity to visit my daughter Daniella's new Kindergarten class at Jin-A. The Kindergarten program just started this year with 12 students (six boys and six girls) attending.

The upstairs Yellow House has been completely converted to an incredible multi-purpose learning center. I was very impressed with the excellent curriculum and quality learning materials being used. The curriculum includes a multifaceted approach to reading, writing and phonics. The math curriculum introduces creative thinking, hands- on learning, manipulatives, as well as teaching basic math concepts. The core of the program is focused on Shim Jung education, which includes internal guidance, teaching responsibility, and including God in all subjects. Monthly themes such as "Gratitude" and "What God Created" provide many opportunities for deeper sharing. Bennett's "Book of Virtues" is an often-used source of inspiration.

I am most impressed with the Kindergarten teacher Maxine Becker. Maxine has invested much time and effort in preparing for each lesson. Maxine also teaches programs on parenting and children's self-esteem and this certainly comes through in her teaching style.

The children also receive special art and music enrichment classes from Kindermusic certified teacher Anna Collura. Anna will also be teaching a special Kindermusic Program for all children starting next in December (please call Jin-A for details).

Recently the Kindergarten received a donation of a computer and color printer along with many learning programs which the children have been learning to use.

Every day I am grateful that our children can be a part of a nurturing and loving environment, receiving a quality education of heart and academics.

School of Tomorrow

New and exciting developments are on the horizon at Jin-A. The Jin-A Board of Directors has given approval to research starting a first grade and perhaps additional grades at Jin-A. A representative for "School of Tomorrow" gave a presentation to interested parents and teachers. The "School of Tomorrow" is a Christian-based organization which specializes in developing curriculum and methods which churches can use to begin their own schools, and we are thinking of implementing this program. The curriculum is a mastery-based system which is individualized to meet a child's specific learning needs. Another impressive point is that character development is woven throughout the entire fabric of the curriculum. The program can also be tailored to include other subjects such as Divine Principle and Korean. This system allows you to have students of various grades in the same classroom.

We are still in the planning stages, and at this point we are looking for two qualified teachers as well as others who want to be on the advisory committee. Please contact Jin-A Childcare Center if you are interested. We are extremely excited by these new developments and will keep you informed of our progress.

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