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In Memoriam: Eugene Dickson (1965-1995)

It was on Feb. 22, 1995. The Church of God in Christ in Idua Eket, Nigeria, had scheduled a Divine Principle evening workshop for its members. We needed an excellent Divine Principle lecturer because some of the church members were college students. None of us felt confident to teach. The workshop was set for 7pm Wednesday evening. Preparation had been made at a prior visit to the church. A brother who teaches the Divine Principle very well had to undertake another responsibility on the very day of the workshop; the assignment would last up until the hour of the workshop. We literally panicked because he had to make a great presentation at this church for the benefit of the participants as well as a foundation for the other churches we would be contacting. As the hours rolled on, we reached fever pitch by mid- day wondering who would teach these people.

That afternoon, a few hours before the workshop, a little child ran from the front yard to announce the arrival of a visitor. To our surprise, there stood Eugene. Praise God! Please, Eugene, prepare yourself-we said-you have only a few hours to teach the Divine Principle to an entire church! Without any hesitation he accepted. He prayed deeply for the short period he had to prepare. He refused to eat until he was finished teaching.

How did Eugene know that we were in Eket? Maybe someone told him; however, we did not ask him any questions, completely overwhelmed and relieved at seeing him. How did he know that we needed him so desperately at that particular time? It must have been God who assessed the situation and sent in help.

He passed on while teaching a 40-day Divine Principle workshop. How glorious his "sleep"! Words cannot express our true feelings about Eugene's absence in this physical realm. Yet we rejoice; the memory of this great saint lingers on, as we wish her could be here a little longer. Who understands the ways of God? Eugene's responsibility in the spiritual world must be greater-hence, his early call.

To his new spouse we extend our comfort. To Eugene's parents: we say your son is a great offering. All brothers and sisters who knew Eugene realized that we have another champion in the spirit world who will push to advance God's providence in this physical as well as the spiritual realm.

Eugene, we love you and thank you for accepting the call to be the offering.

Iwuk Asuamah

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