Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Overview of Tour '95

This is an overview of the speaking tour listing the date, speaker, city, number attending, auditorium, the person giving the invocation, the person introducing the speaker, and notes about the event.


Kook Jin Nim Mobile AL 300 Mobile Clarion Hotel Rev. Wesley James, Baptist Minister Mr. Robert Battles, candidate for City CouncilA Proclamation was sent from the Mayor of Mobile, Alabama. A Proclamation was sent from the Mayor of the city of Prichard, Alabama. A Letter was sent from Congressman Sonny Callahan, U.S. Congress for the District of Alabama. A 70-member Youth Choir from a local organization entertained. (Later, at the victory celebration, a second generation choir of 40 blessed children from Top Garden School performed especially for Kook Jin Nim


Kook Jin Nim Baltimore MD 500 Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor Rev. Timothy Cleary Mr. Tom Marr - WCBM Radio Host Mr. Tom Marr gave a most marvelous introduction, honoring True Parents, True Family and Koreans in general. Mr. Marr is also associated with the World Media Association. The Mayor of Baltimore gave Honorary Citizenship to Kook Jin Nim and a Resolution was given from the City Council declaring "September 24 as Day of theTrue Family" in Baltimore, presenter being Councilman Melvin Stukes.


In Sup Nim Souix Falls SD 70 Regency Hotel, Symphony Room Rev. Dwayne Boyce Mr. David Payer, American Freedom Coalition, Iowa Proclamation was sent from Mayor Gary Hanson. State Senator Tom Daschle sent a letter of congratulations, and State Representative Tom Johnson sent letter of congraulations. Awards were presented to In Sup Nim by the Ethiopian, Sudanese and Kurdish Communities.


In Sup Nim Salt Lake City UT 90 Holiday Inn Rev. Wendy Stovall, State Leader, Unification Church Mr. Greg Beesley, well-known community activist. A Proclamation was sent declaring Sept. 30 as "Day of the True Family" from the office of the Mayor of nearby Sandy City, Utah. A Plaque was presented to The Family of Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, "In Appreciation For Your Tireless Efforts Toward The Restoration Of True Love And Commitment Within The American Family And Society" from the Utah Parents' Coalition in Salt Lake City. The presenters were the James Gibsons (Mormon) who received a Parent's Day Award from Congressman Hansen in 1994. Sixteen people from the audience met with In Sup Nim. Very good discussion was held, about the Blessing & Sisters of Peace ceremonies. Three couples among them are interested in the Blessing.


Kwon Jin Nim New Orleans LA 150 Doubletree Hotel Father Rev. Kiko Santos, Catholic Mr. John Monestere, Pres., Family Federation of Louisiana Bishop Amy Green gave the benediction at the end of the program, and before she did this, she highly praised Kwon Jin Nim for having such dignity during his presentation even though he was so youthful.


Hwa Yun Nim Portland ME 170 Verrillo's Convention Center A Minister from Ivory Coast, Africa Mr. James Hewes, attorney, UTS graduate Among the audience were 35 members from a Christian church congregation.


Kook Jin Nim Columbus OH 190 Columbus Convention Center Rev. Floyd Fought, United Methodist Regional Superintentent Mr. John Morris, Ohio Chairman for The Family Federation (FFUWP)


In Sup Nim Fargo ND 110 North Dakota State University, Music Building, Beckwith Recital Hall Rev. Paul Agir, Evangelist from Sudan Mr. Charles Cook, AFC Coordinator A Letter of Welcome was sent from the Governor Ed Schaefer's office. A letter was received from United States Senator Byron Dorgan. Letters were received from the Chinese, Bosnian and Sudanese Communities.


Kook Jin Nim Jackson Ms 200 Harvey Hotel, Conference Room Rev. Allen Herring, Baptist Church Hillman Frazier, State Senator Three local TV stations filmed the opening remarks and part of the speech. So they have sent the videos to the UC and the church is going to show them on the local public TV station. A Proclamation was issued by Mayor Ken Ditto, proclaiming October 7 as "True Family Day" in Jackson. Other letters were received and read from local city officials.

Hwa Yun Nim Kansas City KS 70 University of Kansas in Lawrence Mr. John O'Connor, UTS Alumni Dr. Timothy Miller, Professor of Religious Studies


Jin Sung Nim Louisville KY 300 King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Charles Elliot, Pastor Rev. Dennis Wooley, State Leader, Unification Church of Kentucky This church was the place of the Blessing by True Parents in 1995. Pastor Charles Elliot's couple was blessed at that time.

Jun Sook Nim Columbia SC 250 Adam's Mark Hotel, Grand Ballroom Rev. Mark Robinson, radio minister (blessed by True Parents) Professor Carl D. Evans, Religious Studies Received 6 proclamations altogether. One from the Governor's office; one from the Mayor's office; and the remainder from surrounding towns. A plaque to True Family was presented by Bishop Barbor's congregation. A plaque from ICC and Family Federation was presented to Jun Sook Nim.


Jin Sung Nim Manchester NH 200 Sheraton Wayfarer Conference Center Mr. Alan Ballenger, ACC-AFC leader from Connecticut Honorable Marjorie Buessing from the New Hampshire Legislature The Mayor of Manchester sent a most beautiful, moving letter of congratulations. In this letter, he was very personal, very specific about information concerning True Father, True Parents.


Jin Hun Nim Las Vegas NV 130 University of Nevada at Las Vegas Mr. Michael Balcomb, CARP Western Leader. A Proclamation was sent from the Mayor of Las Vegas and a proclamation was sent from the Mayor of North Las Vegas.


Jin Hun Nim Oklahoma City OK 75 Memorial Union of the University of Oklahoma Loren White, President of Family Federation Rev. Christoph Resmerowski, Oklahoma State Leader


Jin Hun Nim Laramie WY 120 Holiday Inn, Laramie Mr. George Love, Family Federation member Dr. James Schatzmann, Prof. of mathematics, Univ. of Wyoming A nice presentation and plaque presented by Dr. Bibek Ray, Campus CARP Advisor. Members of the World CARP Academy were in attendance to hear Jin Hun Nim, the Academy Founder, speak. The Introducer, Dr. James Schatzmann's couple, were blessed recently by True Parents.


Jun Sook Nim Albany NY 200 College of St. Rose, St. Joseph Hall Rev. Carlo Lazzaro, Pastor, Reformed Church Professor Colia Clark, Union College in Schenectady, NY The newly blessed daughter-in-law of the Farley Jones family entertained with a traditional Korean folk dance.


Jun Sook Nim Charlotte NC 200 University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Lucas Room, Cone Center Rev. Henry C. Puegh, Minister, House of Jacob Church Rev. Lois Hargrave of the Deliverance Tabernacle in Lexington, NC Dr. Brenda Richardson, Dean of Students, UNCC gave the welcoming remarks and introduced the entire program. 22 Proclamations and Letters of Welcome were received for Jun Sook Nim and the Family Federation . Among them were: A Proclamation from the Governor's office, declaring October 15 "Family Day in Charlotte" A Proclamation from the Mayor's office. Letters of Welcome and Congratulations were sent from neighboring cities. Bishop & Mrs. L. V. Stennis, recently blessed by True Parents, presented a Plaque from ICC of North Carolina. Rev. Henry C. Peugh, the Invocator, encouraged the audience to honor Reverend and Mrs. Moon who founded the Family Federation.

In Jin Nim Indianapolis IN 150 First Christian Missionary Baptist Church Bishop Gilbert Clarke Jin Sung Nim (and the church pastor introduced Jin Sung Nim) The church pastor, Dr. Damon Roach said, in hearing In Jin Nim's speech, that he was reminded of the Scripture passage, "go tell the people about my love." He went on to say that the Unification Church is the only organization he knows of that is using its time and resources to heal the family! Dr. Roach's couple were Blessed by True Parents in the 360,000 Blessing.

Hyun Jin Nim St. Louis MO 200 Greater True Vine Spiritual Church of Jesus Christ Rev. Irma Cannida, pastor of the church Rev. Purnell Spicer, Evangelist.


Jin Hun Nim Portland OR 200 Portland State University, Vanport Room Rev. Harry Daniels, Church of God in Christ minister & Criminologist Rev. Harry Daniels also introduced Jin Hun Nim


Hyun Jin Nim Burlington VT 100 Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Emerald Ballroom II Rev. Peter Groenendyk, State Leader of Rhode Island Mr. Richard Buessing, President, New England Family Federation Among those present in the audience was Dr. William Paden, Chairman, Department of Religion at the University of Vermont


Jin Hun Nim Madison WI 90 University of Wisconsin, State Historical Society Auditorium Mr. Jim Anderson, Campus Minister (grad. of Univ.of Wisconsin & UTS)


Jin Hun Nim Little Rock AK 55 Holiday Inn - City Center Rev. Asa Phillips, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church Dr. T. Dale Alford, former United States Congressman A proclamation was received from the City of Little Rock honoring October 19 as the "Day of the True Family" Jin Hun Nim received an Arkansas Travelers Certificate from the Secretary of State's Office, which is given to special guests that visit Arkansas. Jin Hun Nim was made an Honorary Citizen of the City of North Little Rock by Mayor Patrick Henry Hays. Note: The Introducer, Dr. T. Dale Alford's couple were Blessed by True Parents in the 360,000 Blessing.


Jin Hun Nim Omaha NE 58 Holiday Inn Convention Center Rev. Thomas Rollerson Mrs. Shirley Wilson, Evangelist


Kook Jin Nim Billings MT 120 The Billings Sheraton Sister Kate Dorsey, Catholic Nun Mr. Rodney Garcia, former state legislator, local community leader United States Senator Conrad Burns sent a letter. The Mayor of Billings sent a letter. Chamber of Commerce letter was sent and a letter was sent from the local Neighbor Board (where our church is located and our Unification Church pastor is on the Board).


Hyun Jin Nim Nashville TN 200 Holiday Inn-Vanderbilt Elder Robert Ross, Church of God Dr. James Campbell, Prof. of Biological Science, Tennessee State U. Received a Proclamation and a letter from the Governor's office. The City of Nashville gave Honorary Citizenship to Hyun Jin Nim.

In Jin Nim Richmond VA 370 Jefferson Hotel, Grand Ballroom Pastor Beverly Jones, Friendship Interdenominational Holy Church Mayor Leonidas Young A Proclamation was brought from City Hall. A Letter of Congratulations was sent from Professor Cliff Edwards, CARP Campus Advisor, Virginia Commonwealth University. Letters of Welcome were sent from: Congressman Thomas J. Blyley Jr.. State Senator Henry L. Marsh III. State Senator Benjamin J. Lambert III Virginia received extra blessings by the presence of In Jin Nim's couple and children which so enriched the families in the Virginia area. Also, Jin Sung Nim led the members in Sunday morning service.

Kook Jin Nim Phoenix AZ 150 Higher Vision Center, Church of Religious Science of Phoenix Pastor Ronald Payne, Open Door Church Ms. Beverly Tidwell, Pres. of Candlelighters (parents of cancer children) A Letter of Welcome was sent from the State Legislature. A Letter of Welcome was sent from the Mayor's office in Phoenix.


Hyun Jin Nim Des Moines IA 100 Embassy Suite Hotel Rev. Grant Barber, ICC Minister Mr. Allen Jessen, President, Family Federation of Iowa A Letter of Congratulations was sent from United States Senator Charles Grassley A Letter was sent from Mayor John Pat Dorrian of Des Moines


Kwon Jin Nim Boise ID 110 Boise State University, Student Union Building Ms. Julie Robinson, Women's leader in the Mormon Church Ms. Rose Cordon, retired professor. The introducer, Ms. Cordon, was a beautiful lady and gave a most impressive and eloquent introduction to Kwon Jin Nim. Another lady in the audience had the urge to attend Kwon Jin Nim and ran up to give him water to drink.

In Sup Nim Albuquerque NM 70 Albuquerque Hilton Hotel, Rio Grande Room Mr. Florian Perea, Elder of Seventh Day Adventist Church of Valencia Ms. Kay Lim, former Pres. of Wash. D.C. Korean-Am. Women's Assoc. A Proclamation was sent from Governor Gary Johnson declaring October 28 "True Family Day. " A Proclamation was sent from Mayor Martin Chavez , declaring "True Family Day" for the city of Albuquerque.


Hwa Yun Nim Detroit MI 220 Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Rev. P. Spicer, ICC Director Ms. Roxanne Rosell, WFWP Chairwoman Received Letter of Welcome from the Governor's Office.


Kook Jin Nim Providence RI 200 Providence Marriott, Grand Ballroom Rev. Clyde O. Walker, AME Church Mr. Richard Buessing, President, New England Family Federation A Letter of Congratulations was sent from the Governor's office. A Citation was sent from the Mayor's office.

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