Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Seattle's First Sisterhood Conference

by Patricia Couweleers-Seattle, WA

Seattle's first International Women's Friendship Conference took place at the Red Lion SeaTac on Oct. 6. On the Japanese participants' first day of arrival, Oct. 5, they toured the sights of Seattle and were pleasantly surprised to find that although Seattle is a fairly large city, it is also a very green one with many trees, parks and vegetation, and very clean as well.

On the day of their sisterhood ceremonies, 128 Japanese women were excitedly awaiting their American sister matches. Everyone was matched; however, because of last-minute flight-cancellations, some of the Japanese women were picture-matched to American women as far away as Alaska and Montana. The following day, telephone visits were set up for the picture-matched women with their new sisters.

During the sisterhood ceremony, many heartfelt tears were shed by American and Japanese women who felt the meaningfulness of healing old wounds and making a new beginning with their new sisters.

Catherine Crier, our keynote speaker, gave a rousing speech on the theme "The Power of One." She spoke of how just one ordinary person can make a great positive difference on history. She spoke with deep conviction and passion, sharing with us her motivation for pursuing a career in the media.

The sisterhood ceremony was followed by a sit-down reception where everyone could talk up a storm with their new sisters through the interpreters. The evening entertainment over dinner presented a unique opportunity for east and west to come together-through dancing together! We danced to the irresistible music of the Jimmy Dorsey Band. By the time the day was over, everyone was bubbling with even more energy than when we started-a sure sign of joy and happiness and hope for new friendships to begin.

Several of the American women who attended are very active in public service work. Two ladies, for example, operate a special pediatric ward for babies who are born to drug-addicted mothers or are AIDS babies. From the many women who work in special ways for others like these, our local WFWP is planning to network with them either in projects or for volunteer work.

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