Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Jun Sook Nim's Speech in North Carolina

by Hugh Dussek-Charlotte, NC

On Sunday, Oct. 15, Jun Sook Moon spoke to an audience of over 200 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The audience, comprised of VIPs, ministers and their congregation members, students and other guests, welcomed her warmly. The emcee, Ron Pappalardo of the American Freedom Coalition, presented 22 proclamations and letters of welcome for Jun Sook Nim and the Family Federation. Dr. Brenda Richardson, the dean of students at the university, welcomed the event to the campus; Rev. Henry C. Puegh from the House of Jacob Church in Charlotte gave the invocation and encouraged the audience to honor Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who founded the federation; and Rev. Lois Hargrave of the Deliverance Tabernacle in Lexington, gave a heartfelt introduction to Jun Sook Nim. Bishop and Mrs. L.V. Stennis, who had participated in the recent International Holy Blessing Ceremony, presented a plaque to Jun Sook Nim on behalf of the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy of North Carolina. The program was successful, thanks to the cooperation of church and CARP members from around the state.

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