Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


New Album of Irish Music

by Elise McKnight-Rome, NY

Terry and I are happy to offer our new music tape, "An Irish Collection," to church family and friends. It contains some of our favorite Celtic songs which we perform regularly in Central New York.

There has been a renaissance in Irish music which has caused it to be in increasing demand. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Great Famine in Ireland. Half of the population migrated to America as a result, to find work on the canals and railroads.

Like ourselves, many families of Irish heritage look to tracing their roots as a way of finding deeper meaning and connection between the generations. It is common to have reunions of the entire clan.

We perform for family reunions and weddings and do Irish programs year-round. Two of our daughters do Irish step-dancing as well, and our son and newborn are in tow as much as possible.

You pass on what you receive. Terry's parents always sang duets together for family gatherings. One of my most precious memories is of my mother singing Irish songs on stage, with me sitting in the middle of the front row. She could only sing if I was there.

We also do children's music programs for the local children's museum and libraries. We collaborated with other musicians to create a promotional tape for the Utica Children's Museum.

Drawing on our background as New Hope Singers, we also have performed international Christmas music in an historical setting at Erie Canal Village (by candlelight!). This month we will be part of "Christmas on Main Street" in Utica.

Performing as a family for family reunions has been wonderful. When our two sets of parents first met, singing Irish songs together created a great bond.

Ireland has been referred to as the "Korea of the West." The music has always moved our hearts and we hope it touches yours.

Terry and Elise McKnight live in Rome, NY with their four children. Terry has a flower business, "Strictly Roses," and is the head of the local Neighborhood Watch.

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