Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Healing the Past

by Kaye Allen

At the International Friendship Conference on Sat., Oct. 14, I took one of the last seats as an American participant. The Japanese lady who sat down next to me was obviously very moved and was crying during the bridge ceremony. Later on during the conference she was very urgent to tell me something. Through our translator she explained that she had had a dream in Japan in which she was told to go to America. In the dream she had been standing before an altar on which there were two photos which included some of her relatives and some western ladies. It was hard for my "sister" to give up her job as a kindergarten teacher, but as she had the dream for seven days in a row, she decided that she had to do it. When she sat down next to me at the event, she realized that I was one of the western ladies whom she had seen in her dream wearing a kimono. It was a very moving experience for her and we both felt very connected by her spiritual experience. I was able to share with her that my father had been involved with fighting the Japanese in World War II. When I apologized to her for the suffering and pain of her family and her people, we embraced in tears.

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