Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Holy Blessing Testamony

by M. Fuji-Ellenwood, GA

First, I would like to thank Heavenly Father and True Parents for this precious experience, the Holy Blessing. Although it is hard to express this great experience on paper, I will try my best.

Actually, matching was quite unexpected for me. I really thought that I wouldn't get matched for this 1995 Blessing. I was one of the youngest because I was born in 1977, and we 1977 sisters were the cut- off point for this matching. Many leaders and members dealing with the Blessing informed us that we would most likely not get matched this time. In my heart, I totally accepted this and prepared to dedicate myself for one year of witnessing in World CARP.

Then on the 22nd of August (three days before the Blessing) at 5am I received a call from my mother in Korea. She told me that I had just been matched to Kim Myung Dae's eldest son, whose name is Kim Yoon Chang. I had heard of my father-in-law before, but I had never met or heard of my spouse. I was so shocked because it was unexpected and very close to the Blessing date!!! Twenty minutes later, I received a call from my father in Japan. I felt that God was putting our two families together. That was when I realized that it was a match from Heaven. Also, by matching a Korean to a Japanese, I felt that Father is trying to break down the barriers of race and resentment through an international marriage.

Everything from that point on was a rush to get to Korea. Throughout the 17-hour plane ride, I couldn't sleep, eat or even think!!! I was wondering what kind of personality he had and what he looked like. Also, I just couldn't believe that God was giving me this Blessing. But at the same time I felt so much parental love from Heavenly Father. It seemed like he knew exactly what would be right for me and our future. I arrived on the 24th of August at 11:30pm and met my new family at 2am on the Blessing Day. I thought it was so amazing to get married to someone whom you knew for less than one day. However, it was not just a joining of two people, for me; it was like a joining of two families and all their ancestors. I also feel that True Father picked the person for me to work with, together, in order to fulfill God's will. We seem to balance things out with our differences and at the same time enjoy our similarities together.

I am just truly grateful to Heavenly Father because it is the closing of one part of my life and the beginning of a new life. I am also grateful that I can be able to give more to my spouse from an earlier age.

I hope we can strive to become a couple which Heavenly Father and True Parents can be proud of. We truly want to bring victory for them. Mansei, to all the 360,000 couples!!!!!!!

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