Articles From the October 1995 Unification News


Witnessing to Our Parents

by Ken & Akemi Hendricks

Recently Akemi and I had the opportunity to witness to my parents about True Parents' Blessings. This summer, to my surprise, they were unusually open and receptive to attending a Blessing.

They did not make the 360,000 Couples Blessing because my father was hospitalized. He has since returned home and they have asked me to forward a letter from them to Father and Mother. It may seem premature, but they are requesting permission to reinstate their wedding vows through True Parents in 1998 at the great Blessing.

I am forwarding their letter to you now. For my wife and myself, this is a great victory. We have been witnessing to our families for years. Akemi's mother is expected to receive a Single Blessing in Japan this December. Her father had passed on into the spiritual world already last year.

If my parents receive the Blessing, then conceivably by the time our four children are blessed we could actually attain Blessings through three living generations on both sides of our family.

We have already told our friends about my parents' request, and they have become inspired to try and witness again to their own parents, even requesting a copy of the letter itself to send out.

RE: Request to be Part of the 1998 Eternal Marriage Blessing

Dear Reverend and Mrs. Moon,

Our son became a member of your church on Sept. 1, 1974. Like so many of the youth of that time, he was searching for a deeper, truer meaning in life. We believe that he found that meaning through you and, in like manner, we found it through him and the family you selected for him. We signed Associate Membership in 1987, and have had only good, positive, spiritually enriching experiences with your church, your members, our son and his family, all directly attributed to you and the teachings you have shared throughout your life. Truly you are creating world peace through ideal families.

Although we are too old to change our religion, we would like to ask you a favor. As many couples have done over the years, we would like to renew the wedding vows we made to each other almost 50 years ago. We feel that it is only fitting to do so through you, since your principal teaching is one of restoring the sanctity of marriage and the family. Also, the requirements you have established for your recent Blessings do not conflict with anything we currently believe, so there is no reason for us not to participate in the upcoming 3.6 Million Couples Blessing in 1998. May we be the first to request that Blessing?

We did not attend the 360,000 Couples Blessing because I, Mr. Hendricks, was hospitalized; however, we definitely wish to join the 1998 Blessing. Our son has prepared any pertinent information you may need from us to fulfill the requirements for the application. We make this request now so that in case one of us should pass on into the spiritual world before 1998, one of us could carry the other's picture to the Blessing at that time. Thank you so much for taking our request into your consideration.


Oscar & Clementine Hendricks

Our Commitment before God

* We understand that Jesus Christ appointed Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon as the True Parents to bestow the eternal Marriage Blessing, and we recognize the precious value of Blessed Marriage.

* We pledge true love and fidelity to each other, now and eternally, and thus that we will never commit adultery.

* We pledge that we will not divorce.

* We pledge to educate our children about ideal family life.

* We hereby apply to be part of the Blessing of 3,600,000 to be held sometime in 1988 simultaneously throughout the world.


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