Articles From the August 1995 Unification News


Minneapolis Sunday School-Summer Service Projects

by Vicki Henry-Minneapolis, MN

Besides learning about Bible stories and Divine Principle, the Minneapolis Sunday School is learning about how to "actionize" what they have learned. Part of the summer was devoted to service projects in and for the community. The K-2 class worked on quilt squares using fabric markers and paints. Each child made two 12"x12" squares so two toddler-size quilts were made. Then on Sunday, July 2 the class made a field trip to the Hennepin County Children's Crisis Nursery, for children age newborn to 6 years, to present their quilts. The director of the nursery said the most difficult time for the children is going to bed at night because of being in a different place. Therefore, the quilts, with their bright, colorful pictures, would be very comforting for the children.

The 3rd-6th grade Sunday School class worked for 2 weeks on a play based on Aesop entitled "The Shoemaker turned Doctor." The children made their own props, memorized all their lines and dressed in their parents' clothes for their costumes. On Sunday, July 9 they performed for a group of 10 children, ages 5-12, at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children.

After each service project each class went out to McDonalds for ice cream.

The remainder of the summer, they will be studying about True Parents' lives from the time they were children to their Blessing.


1. The Minneapolis K-2 Sunday School class presenting quilts to one of the directors of the Hennepin County Children's Crisis Nursery. From left to right, standing: Kirkland Stearns, Annellia Henry, Nursery Director, Neecee Pearson, (off camera) Benny Peyling. Seated: Matthew Henry, Emika Johnson, Derik Pearson, Greta Anderson.

2. Ken Anderson as the Shoemaker turned Doctor and Meagan Henry as one of the villagers, perform at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children.

3. The 3rd-6th grade Sunday School class. From left to right: Tami Anderson, Meagan Henry, Ken Anderson, Faith Henry, Kwang Soo Lee, Kwang Joeng Lee, Danielle Willis, Jayna Anderson.


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