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Living On Borrowed Time

by Carl Redmond-Warilla, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Let us consider today's day and age as we all go "hurtling along" towards we know not what. It is no mystery to state that we are at present living in the Last Days: not the last days of civilization as some short-lived prophets of doom may predict, but the last days of the selfish, self-centered ways of life people are living currently, as outlined in Divine Principle.

This leads us to consider: how are we today? Even though we may not realize it, we are all hurtling along towards the same destination, which is the reappearance of the Messiah, or the emergence of the True Parents of mankind, God's greatest gift to us in these Last Days.

Life goes so very fast these days; one minute it is Christmas, and the next, Easter! Then comes Mothers' Day, and here is May already. While we consider May, it is gone, so let us say "June" which is half the year gone. While for those in the Northern Hemisphere, June may be the hottest month, for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is one of the coldest and shortest. We long for the hot summer months of December, January and February!

In case some think of Australia as a sleepy little hollow or backwater, let me hasten to assure you that life goes as fast here as it does over there, assuming "there" to be, let us say, New York or London. In fact, in some cases it goes "faster", since in New York the traffic can barely manage a walking pace. We are moving, just like you, and the question is: just where are we going?

Let us take refuge in the fact that these days are the Days of Hope when we can look forward (or even see if our eyes are open) to the reappearance of the Messiah or True Parents of Mankind. "Stop the world, I want to get off" was the cry of many years ago. Well, now the ride is going too fast, and the days of "hopping off" are over. Let us comfort each other in the knowledge that we can take refuge in True Love and our innate ability to take care of each other, which is surely the main purpose of our life on this earth in the first place.

As you speed along in this busy world, try to slow down and let God and His true love come into your life. Take the time to listen, and your original mind will tell you to love that brother or sister next to you with pure, unselfish love, the love of a True Family, the love of the True Parents. Your effort will be remembered. It will not go unnoticed, as the days fly by like seconds.

And don't forget us Down Under as you live your life Up Over. We are much the same as you, we even speak English as you do (what language do they speak there, someone asked me in Washington?). You mean to say they have cities as we do? Yes, and people too who need lots of loving in order to survive the inferno of modern living and to become the true children of God, to qualify as "God's Elect, rather than perishing by fire in the Last Days.


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