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Study In Korea Program - Experience of a Lifetime

by Miho Yoshida-Seoul, Korea

When I first heard about the program in Korea, I really wanted to go so much. At the time I wasn't sure why I wanted to go, but during these past 3 1/2 years here I have discovered why I came! My experiences here have most importantly helped me grow spiritually. Daily morning and evening services and the constant reminder to develop one's spiritual life through service to one's brothers and sisters gradually become habit-forming. Whereas life at the dormitory is centered on becoming a public person, at school we focus on learning the language and culture of True Parents.

The things I learned here, whether they were gained easily or with difficulty, are unforgettable. I have made lifelong friends here and will always remember the good times we had together. I am ever so grateful to Heavenly Father, True Parents, my own parents and all of those who have worked so hard to bring this program into existence and keep it going.

I think one of the most important things I learned in Korea was about my relationship as a blessed child to Heavenly Father and True Parents. I realize I must devote my life to God and the True Family, and be united with them. This means I am responsible to build heaven and to teach the world about True Parents and the Divine Principle.

Living in Korea has also shown me why Heavenly Father chose this nation as the chosen nation. I could see how open the hearts of the Koran people are, how loyal they are to their country, their long history, culture and traditions. Also I could see how the suffering course of True Parents is parallel to the suffering path of the Korean people as well as God's.

Going to Korean Middle School was very difficult at first. But my Korean classmates were very friendly and very interested in us, the foreign students. They helped me out a lot when I had trouble doing my homework or when I was homesick.

Attending Korean school naturally helped me learn the Korean language much more quickly than I could have done otherwise. Classes are all in Korean so we quickly build on the foundation of GOP and PREP and begin to use the language in everyday life. Also, in order to make friends with the Korean students, we have to speak Korean with them. So Middle School is perfect for improving our language capability. At school we also acquire the Korean study ethic and begin to study seriously, some of us for the first time. Also, as my Korean language improved, I was able to see how deep and expressive it is in expressing the truth for the Completed Testament Age.

I am very grateful to have been here and to have had this once-in-a- lifetime experience. I have grown spiritually and felt the heart of a nation chosen by and prepared by God to receive the Messiah. And I have learned the Korean language. I hope that other Blessed Children will come here and experience and learn what I have.

Reprinted from "The Western Program's Dormitory News"


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