Articles From the July 1995 Unification News


International Family Picnic Held in S. Calif.

by Stan and Caroline Paczynski-Downey, CA

The WFWP of the Mid-Cities organized on Sunday, May 28, 1995 an international family picnic at the home of Stan and Caroline Paczynski in Downey, CA at 3pm.

The idea came from noticing the variety of ethnic groups right in our immediate neighborhood. So neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters of the Mid-Cities and everyone directly and indirectly involved in making this event were invited, including our Southern Calif. WFWP chairwoman, Mrs. Sheri Reuter. We sent out over 30 invitations. Twenty-one families attended the picnic, 14 nations were represented: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, and of course our U.S.A.

The support and help of our neighbors and our brothers and sisters was incredible. From neighbors we received picnic tables with umbrellas and large picnic tables to set up the food. Participants brought special dishes from their country of origin, and there was plenty. All the ladies wore a white carnation corsage as a symbol for peace. Mr. John Holmes and Mr. Antonio Tangretti entertained us with beautiful music while we ate.

Around 4:20pm we started our program. Mrs. Caroline Paczynski was our MC. We opened with a short presentation on the WFWP by our chairwoman of the Mid-Cities, Mrs. Katrin McCarty. She explained the foundation, purpose and commitment of the organization.

After that, the representatives of 12 different countries made a presentation by singing or dancing or sharing something particular about their country. It was altogether interesting and entertaining, and truly opened the participants' hearts and minds to these countries. Result: we really felt like one family of brothers and sisters. We felt God's love with us.

The closing remarks were made by Caroline Paczynski. Each country represented was called out. All the participants representing their country received a round of applause from everyone present. After a short, inspiring speech, we closed with the song, "Let there be peace on earth."

We also had a lot of children present. They had much fun. In fact, most of them watched the program and particularly the puppet show performed by one neighbor's family to represent the U.S.A.

It was truly a memorable experience for everyone.

Thank you for everyone's support.


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