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Raoul Joseph and Miyuki Harley Album "If Love Is The Answer" is Due This Summer

by David Eaton-NYC

It's a question that we've been asked so may times that it's become somewhat embarrassing, "When is your album coming out?" Well, we're happy to say that we will be producing a limited edition of the "the album" this summer so we can finally say, "Here it is."

The album we're referring to here features vocalists Raoul Joseph and Miyuki Harley. We've been working on this album since summer of 1993 when I asked Hyo Jin Nim for the permission to start the project. For me, it represented the chance to get involved with the pop music dispensation at Manhattan Center after eight years at the helm of the New York City Symphony. With all the new technological advances in the music industry I felt that producing an album would provide a great opportunity to get some "hands on" experience in the computer/sequencing/composing realm.

The genesis of the project began quite by accident in 1991 when I wrote the song As Children of Your Love for the Children's Day celebration. I asked Raoul and Miyuki to come in a sing with Reggie Woolridge and realized that they sounded very well together. We performed that song on numerous occasions and it eventually appeared on the "Eternal Love" album for the 1992 Blessing Commemorative album.

Later I wrote a song for the United to Serve America campaign (This Blessed Land ) that was sponsored by the American Freedom Coalition. During the recording sessions I asked Raoul and Miyuki come in to do backup vocals and was again very impressed with the blend of their voices.

We then featured Raoul and Miyuki on a new song that I composed for the finale of the Parent's Day 1993 celebration, You're the Only One I'm Living For. After that performance, Raoul and Miyuki we're in demand to sing for several other church related events and that's when I asked Hyo Jin Nim to do an album featuring these two fine singers. You're the Only One I'm Living For and another original ballad, If Love Is the Answer (the title song of the new album) became the signature songs for this duo.

Raoul and Miyuki have since performed at numerous functions including the speech tour of True Parents and True Family, the UTS graduation in 1994, the 1994 God's Day Celebration at the Manhattan Center, the Woman's Federation Sisters of Peace Ceremony in Washington, KEA events, the IRF VIP Banquets, CARP's Mr. and Ms. University Pageant in New York and a special banquet sponsored by the New York State Black Republican Council. As a result of the performance for the Black Republican Council, we were asked to compose a new song for a future event for the BRC entitled Take My Hand.

For the three of us, writing and recording new songs using some of the new technology at Manhattan Center offered us a significant opportunity to test the waters in the pop music realm. Internally, having the chance to work toward the vision of trying to bring change in the world of popular culture was very gratifying. We're not sure where this project will lead, hopefully this is just an entree into the pop music industry.

Eight of the songs on the album were written by myself with lyrics contributed by Raoul, Miyuki, Sheila Vaughn and Edric Debos. Two other songs were written by Miyuki and former New Vision Band member, Victor Moore.

There were several other talented musicians who contributed to the album including, Hyo Jin Nim (who played lead guitar on the song Real Love), Dan Gilberg who played soprano and alto saxophone, Billy Miho on lead and rhythm guitars, Valery Ponomarev on trumpet, Kevin Pickard on piano, Scott Avery on percussion and Takeshi Yonimura on drums.

The mixing and engineering were done by Bill Miho, Willie Giraldo, Roy Clark and myself.

Many of the instrumental tracks on the album were created by the use of computer/MIDI sequencing (Music Instrument Digital Interfacing). Computer technology permeates much of the pop music industry today and composers and arrangers are finding "sequencing" a very adaptable mode of creating.

We played the album for an industry executive who commented that there were "a lot of love songs on this album." My response was, "Well, that's who we are. We're definitely into the idea of love, so that's what we write about."

We obviously have a ways to go in terms of our development as artists and producers, especially in the realms of heartistic expression. However one thing stands out on this album and that's the fine vocal performances by Raoul and Miyuki. They're two very talented singers whose talent shines through in track after track.

We are happy to report that Miyuki has just given birth to her first child (a boy named Brandon, born June 22nd) and we wish her and husband Sam all the happiness that goes with being new parents. She feels that she'll be able to sing again in the fall, but for now she's being a new mom.

It was a pleasure for me to work with Raoul and Miyuki and the three of us owe a debt of gratitude to Hyo Jin Nim for his support and inspiration.


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