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How to Do a Blessing Workshop

by Dan Fefferman-NYC

Recently Father instructed Rev. Joong Hyun Pak that all blessed members should be re-educated concerning the Blessing, as a foundation for our Blessing outreach programs through August. Toward this end we in the New York area have been holding Blessing workshops each week since early March. These workshops have been designed to be appropriate for both members and guests.

We have found two very effective approaches so far.

* The Principle-Outline Approach is the easier to re-create and takes only a little re-thinking on the part of the lecturer. Lecture teams headed by James Baughman and Bill & Lisa Lay have been using this approach. It begins with one or two Chapter One lectures in morning session, with emphasis on the family as the school of love and basis for the fulfillment of the purpose of creation. After lunch we have been giving a talk entitled "Human Suffering and the Restoration of the Family Ideal." This is basically a synopsis of Chapter Two and the history of restoration, including the mission of Jesus to establish an ideal family, and the role of the True Parents. (This content could also be described as a short version of the "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" speech Father and Mother gave during their recent U.S. tours.) In the afternoons, we have sometimes been doing some stretching or "Chi" exercises and guided meditations. The afternoon concludes with a video presentation ("True Love-True Families") and testimonies from Blessed members or couples. A senior member then gives a closing encouragement to further study and participation.

* The Topical Approach involves creating new talks on subjects specific to the question of the Blessing. Dan & Susan Fefferman and Farley & Betsy Jones have been pioneering this approach. In the first of these workshops, we began with a talk on the contemporary crisis of marital commitment. This was followed by a presentation (delivered as part of Sunday Service) on the Blessing from several viewpoints-as a process of divinization and self-realization, as a gateway to eternal love, as a means of restoration of one's lineage, as a way to achieve intimacy and liberation from sexual guilt, as the foundation for raising children free from original sin, and as the key to establishing a moral society, resolving racism and creating world peace. The afternoon schedule is similar to the Principle-outline approach, with my talk on "Sexuality-The Ideal, Reality and Restorative" covering much of the same material as Bill Lay's "Human Suffering and the Restoration of the Ideal Family."

These two approaches are both geared for 1-day seminars. In the New York area, Bill Lay is also conducting a weekly course (covering 7 weeks) for people who are ready for more advanced study in preparation for the Blessing.

We have also used a mini-seminar approach, which is appropriate for evening programs, pick-nicks, open houses, etc. This would include one summary presentation on the meaning of the Blessing, a video and a testimony.

Hopefully, the above will prove useful to those of you preparing Blessing education programs. Anyone who is interested in receiving a copy of lecture notes for the "Topical Approach" seminar can obtain them by calling my voice mail at 212-997-0050 est. 275.

One final note. In guiding us concerning Blessing education programs, Rev. Pak recently emphasized that-while professionalism and good technical preparation are essential-the most important key to a workshop's success is "mobilizing the mysterious power of the spiritual world." In other words, we need to move people's hearts. Well prepared testimonies and the spiritual power of the presenter may thus be the essential elements for success.

And on the feminine side, Betsy Jones has reminded me that there is no substitute for good old fashioned Unification hospitality. She recommends home cooking when possible. If not, make sure members are reminded that the spiritual welfare of new guests is the main idea. Recapturing the spirit of "Love-bombing," it turns out, is just like remembering how to ride a bike. It comes back very quickly, but you've got to remember to peddle.


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