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Spring Brings Blessing Fever!

by Dan Fefferman-NY/DC

May and June are the traditional wedding months, and Blessing fever is sweeping through Unification communities throughout the nation.

The Big Day itself doesn't happen until August 24th or 25th, depending on whether you go by U.S. or Korean time. In the meantime, gownmakers and Blessing educators are bustling as the fever begins to spread.

In New York, we've been holding one-day workshops to introduce the Blessing practically every week since early March to gear up for the full-scale Blessing campaign. Hundreds of members and guests have attended. Among the lecturers and coordinators have been some of the U.C.'s stellar teachers, including President James Baughman, FFUWP Co- Presidents Farley and Betsy Jones, Regional FFUWP leaders Bill and Lisa Lay, WFWP stalwarts Debby Gullery and Susan Fefferman and Susan's humble husband, yours truly.

The workshops feature presentations on the significance of the Blessing in light of the Principle, a summary of the history of restoration, the role of True Parents, and how couples or individuals can personally benefit from the Blessing. There are also video presentations, testimonies, discussion and-not to forget those vitality elements-refreshments!

In calls around the country, this reporter has detected educational Blessing blossoms in every region. One might even speak of (dare I say it?) REVIVAL!!!

In Los Angeles, CARP and Church members are leafleting together in the neighborhoods of local "Tribal Messiahs" and bringing guests to evening programs.

In Chicago, the Spanish Church reports 30 potential candidates, and non-UC. ministers have pledged to participate and bring members of their congregations.

In Washington, D.C. nine districts are holding evening programs and the central Upshur House center hosts a Blessing dinner each night, Monday-Thursday.

Down on the Bayou (LaBatre, that is), they're planning three workshops per week, one for each section of the community.

And in Las Vegas, a mysterious ad has been appearing in the personals section inviting people to "Relationship Effectiveness Seminars," where people can learn how to "prepare to meet your dream mate."

(Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match...)

There are even rumor/reports that large groups here in the U.S.A. have received revelations and are now preparing to attend the Blessing en masse.

Momentum is the key concept here. In every region, kick-off workshops have been held to renew members' vision for the Blessing and witnessing. Introductory seminars and evening programs are a growth industry. And at Blessing Central on the second floor of the 43rd Street Headquarters, Betsy Jones reports that applications have increased from the trickle stage to a steadily growing flow. (To judge by the number of Blessing gowns on racks down in that office, they are preparing for a torrent!)

At this writing there are less than four months to go before "B-Day '95." By the time you read this it will be closer to three.

But hopefully by now, the streamlets in your area have also turned into torrents.

Educational aids

And now for the promotions...

* The new full color "I Do" Blessing flyer is available from headquarters for 33 cents each of $30/per hundred.

* The 27-page booklet "The Blessing of Love" is available for $2.50 each or 3/$5.00

* The videos "True Love, True Families" and "World Peace through Ideal Families" are available for $7.00 each.

(Any of the above can be ordered by writing to Shirley Harris in Dr. Tyler Hendricks' office at the Church Headquarters.)

For those in the New York area, the schedule for 1-day Blessing workshops in the New York area is as follows:

Sunday, May 21 * Tarrytown Hilton * Dan/Susan Fefferman

Saturday, May 27 * 4 West 43rd Street * Farley/Betsy Jones

Sunday, June 4 * Tarrytown Hilton * Bill/Lisa Lay

Saturday, June 10 * 4 West 43rd Street * Dan/Susan Fefferman

Sunday June 18 * Tarrytown Hilton * James Baughman

Saturday, June 24 * 4 West 43rd Street * Farley/Betsy Jones

All of the above begin at 11:00 AM and conclude at 5:00 PM. The fee is $15 per person or $25 per couple. Please call 212-997-0050 ext. 275 to pre-register.

Remember, May and June are Blessing Workshop Months. We all might as well face it, there's simply no cure for Blessing Fever!


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