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Preparing for Blessing `95

by Betsy Jones-NYC

The Blessing referred to by Unificationists is the place where God, man and woman meet. It takes place when the vertical love of God joins the horizontal give and take of husband and wife. God's ideal was that Adam and Eve would desire union with God above else.

If God is the source of unchanging vertical love, then making this vertical connection can be the key in unfolding lasting love in marriage. Part of the important internal preparations for Blessing `95 are the workshops and seminars that teach individuals prior to marriage (and those renewing their marriage vows) about the importance of spiritual growth in marriage through:

1. The study of truth in the Divine Principle

2. The practice of unconditional, unselfish love with others and with their spouses

3. Creating in themselves characteristics of an ideal spouse

4. Committing themselves to the ideal of creating true and lasting love besides commitment to one's spouse as the hallmark to unfolding a marriage blessed by God

Another important dimension of Blessing `95 is that 360,000 couples will exemplify this understanding to the world.

When my husband and I were blessed in 1970, I remember looking at the banner on the wall in the gymnasium which said, "World Peace Through Ideal Families." There we were, all 777 couples from over 70 nations, united on our wedding day. When I was asked by a Time magazine interviewer as we walked into the gymnasium about why I was participating in this event, I felt a sense of pride to be participating in something which could communicate to the world the importance of marriage based on an absolute standard.

Now, 25 years later, we are still standing and going forth as a family. I can honestly say our relationship with God, the guidance and example of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and the support of the other families we were blessed with, as well as the worldwide blessed community of blessed couples have all been very valuable, major stepping stones for us.

I hope all interested singles and married couples will apply. As you know, previously married couples can apply through the broader avenue of the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace, without becoming members of the church. It has been inspiring to hear testimonies of tribal messiahs taking responsibility for their friends and relatives and offering them this opportunity. Alan Inman recently told in New York of his having a party at his house for several of his political friends, and their positive response to his testimony and to his invitation to Blessing `95.

Applications for single individuals wishing to be matched and applications for previously married couples are different applications and may be obtained through the Unification Church or Family Federation, as appropriate. Applicants through the Family Federation must sign a 7-point Affirmation, copies of which should be available from Family Federation representatives. Information about qualifications and wedding attire can be obtained from regional directors, state leaders, and Blessed Family Department and FFUWP representatives. Some basic qualifications are as follows:

1. Age: to be a matching candidate, males must be 20 years old as of Aug. 25, 1995, and females must be 18 years old. (For previously married couples there is no limitation on age.)

2. Spiritual education: Participants in Blessing `95 should be able to accept Rev. and Mrs. Moon as the providential couple of our time; accept a photo match suggested by Rev. and Mrs. Moon; pledge to keep their sexual purity in marriage; and pledge never to divorce.

Families where a man and woman taste true love are referred to by Rev. Moon as the "delivery room for world peace." Let's share the guidance we have received with all our hearts and love, and goals will melt into reality!


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