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I am Proud of My Daughter

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

This eulogy for his daughter was given at the Sung Hwa Ceremony.

Brothers and sisters, as a representative of the Lee family and Kwak family, I deeply appreciate your attendance and your prayers today for Sung Sook. As the father of Sung Sook, for me-her physical life was too short. She was born 1964, and so she was not yet fully 32. For me really, her physical life was too short. But today, I am so proud of her.

I know very well her daily schedule and how she dedicated herself to God and True Parents and True Family. According to Divine Principle, we will all join the spiritual world, later or sooner. Because of her dedication and pure heart - her single-minded attendance to True Parents and God, and True Family, Sung Sook was well prepared to join the spiritual world. The spiritual world is not the same as this earth, with its system and customs particularly in the heavenly kingdom as pertaining to all human relations. But it will not be too strange for her. This is because of her practice this past 30, almost 32 years. Her dedication and attendance will enable her to easily adapt to the spiritual world system and to heavenly law. I very much understood her mind, only one direction and one mind. I was so proud of her because she inherited most of her nature about attendance to God and True Parent's from her mother. Really, even though she is my daughter, in a certain sense I respect her for her exemplary life and standard of daily attendance.

Also, we are know how easy it is for us to love people, and to be able to easily love in loving situations and environments. But for Sung Sook, it didn't matter what the situation or environment was because of her dedication and her determination. She really tried to love people and each person. Her first priority always was her vertical attendance to God, True Parents, and True Children.

I regret that at the Sung Hwa Ceremony when Shin Sook read Sung Sook's life's determination, she only read it in Korean. I urge you, all Americans and especially Second Generation, to be able to read it in English and to comprehend it fully and to publish it in appropriate publications. This is one of her determinations that she wrote and it reveals how she lived and how she challenged herself. It is a good example for not only Second Generation, but for all of us. Really, she tried to love people and she tried to attend True Parents and True Family even though her physical life was short. She showed me many deep examples in very meaningful matters. Actually, we generally understand the spiritual world and its system. So from now on Sung Sook's life is pretty much simple - automatically moving in one direction, one way, all directions towards Heavenly Father, True Parents, and True Family - one vertical direction. In this sense, I believe from now on that her spiritual life much easier and also she is free and liberated.

Today, while we attended here, even for this short time we can think deeply of Sung Sook. But please don't do so only on this occasion. Still on the earth, Sung Sook's lovely husband, Jin Bok, and her 3 children are with us. I hope that Jin Bok Lee 's spiritual life, his faith and his daily attendance to True Parents and True Family - can develop, better than before. I believe that this is already his determination, his inner determination. In this way he will inherit his wife's standard of faith and attendance. And so we all have to support Jin Bok Lee's family. My prayers of encouragement go to him! He is still young and he needs many elders support and education. Please all of you, support his family. Sung Sook's love remains on the earth so we can all together prayerfully extend our support to his family. Once again, I am so proud because of Sung Sook, especially today that Hyo Jin Nim, Nan Sook Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, and Jun Sook Nim attended Sung Hwa Ceremony. I never expected this. I know their attendance here was in honor of her and also in honor of Jin Bok's family. This is their eternal honor. I also deeply appreciate it. I have heard even True Parents prayed for her. Really, I have no words to offer my deepest thanks to True Parents.

Once again, I deeply appreciate and extend our thanks to all of you for your attendance here today. Thank you.


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