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Recreation by the Word

by Patrick J. Kirkbride

From Feb. 13 to Feb. 17, 1995 (excluding Valentine's Day) Rev. Zin Moon Kim, the Deputy Director of the World Mission Department, gave an internal guidance workshop from 5:00pm to 6:00pm each night for the office staff of Go World Travel, Inc., the World Mission Department and the Today's World magazine.

Though all of us are usually quite busy till we go home in the evening, we had a 97% attendance record overall. As I have not been to a workshop since last summer, I appreciated the one hour each day Rev. Kim invested in us. His main concern is that office people often forget about what is truly important in our life of faith: witnessing and tithing.

He stressed that we need to focus more than we have on witnessing and only then can we develop our heart. From working in offices over a period of five years in Korea he knows the challenge of being in the office. He has observed that money often becomes a focus when we stay in an office position and cautioned us to be careful. He gave four points for maintaining our life of faith:

1. Read the Divine Principle and Father's speeches everyday.

2. Pray for others.

3. Witness by our own method. As we live in different locations we need to witness differently. Be creative.

4. Tithing. Don't think that 30% tithing is impossible. If we don't tithe in this way, we will always have money problems. When we tithe we should go to the bank and exchange for new or clean bills. This expresses our heartistic offering. Money cannot make heart but heart can make money.

He also stressed that we need to be connected to the Main Providence of today. As the providence changes according to God's timetable, we need to keep alert as to what Father is conveying through his recent speeches so that we don't keep going in a straight line and miss the change that is occurring.

Often Rev. Kim hears brothers and sisters saying that they want to help or they want to support some aspect of the providence. He is very concerned about this point. If we want to only help or support then we are not taking a subjective position and making the project our own. Below are True Parents' three main worldwide providences of today:

1. WFWP - At the beginning of human history Adam, Eve and the Archangel had a bad relationship amongst each other. To indemnify this, True Parents have established the sister relationship in Korea and now in the USA mobilizing American sisters and women to attend the Japan-America sister relationship conferences in Washington D.C.

2. Originally God created the four position foundation centering on God but as we know Adam and Eve failed. To restore worldwide this broken relationship, our True Parents have sent Korean missionaries (brothers) and Japanese missionaries (sisters) to go to each of the 160 nations representing True Father and True Mother with the members of each nation representing the children. As much as possible the Koreans and Japanese should live in the same center so that they can mobilize heavenly fortune through cooperation and unity centering upon the Korean brother.

3. FFUWP - The recent development of the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace is an umbrella for the following four organizations. Under the FFUWP representing the family, the Women's Federation for World Peace as parents and the Youth Federation for World Peace as children should make a good vertical relationship. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace as mind and the Federation for World Peace as body should make a good horizontal relationship. These are the conditions which Adam's family had lost due to the fall.

In raising our children:

We should bequeath something of value to our children. We should buy one subscription of The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon for each of our children. This is a wonderful investment for our children's future.

There is an old Korean proverb about children: If a three year old child develops a habit, it will last till they are eighty years old. We need to be very wise in making our children responsible.

In raising ourselves:

A good friend is good capitol for life. If you live your life for the sake of others then you will have many friends.

If you want to be a victor you must jump into the Satanic world. Don't stay in a comfortable and don't avoid hard work.

Discouragement is the first step to failure.

Don't change your attitude of loyalty to God's Will regardless of what comes at us.

Many people believe in God, but how many people can God believe in?

The 360,000 blessing in August, 1995:

Each blessed couple has been given the responsibility of bringing 12 couples to the blessing this year. We need to make a good plan to do this. In order for us to jump into the Kingdom of Heaven, this is an exclusive condition.

Rev. Kim gave much more content than what I have shared with you here. He said that he will give similar workshops like this at least once a year in order to guide office staff to remember their initial calling to the Unification Church.


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