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The Mechanics Of A Principled Relationship

The goal of Unification piety is ... times up... yes, Iowa State? Unification... Yes that's right for 400 points ... or 400 years, which ever comes first.

Sooo, what makes it possible for this to be the goal of a religion? (For a context, compare it to other religious goals... Buddhism? Nirvana. Christianity? Salvation. Joe down the street? Making it until Friday.) OK now back to the question, what must exist for Unification to be a goal? Yes, that it... the lack of Unification. And what must exist for there to be a lack of Unification? The answer? At least two things. For there to be a lack of Unification there must be at least two things; say a mind and a body, a husband and a wife, a leader and a follower, Abott and Costello, oil and water, heads of two different departments in the Unification Church. Yes wherever you have two things you have the possibility for Unification, AND the possibility for the absence of Unification.

If then Unification is the goal of Unification piety, what is the first step toward achieving it? Answer? A relationship. Anyone will do. A hateful relationship is OK. As long as there is a relationship, this is the first necessary requisite for the possibility of Unification. Once you have a relationship, the next thing is to organize it in such a way that Unification becomes a possibility. When you hit this stage, a hateful relationship looses its charm. Despite its capacity to engender mutual obsession, it somehow lacks the stuff of Unification.

Let's move away from hateful relationships, abusive ones, exploitive ones, ones in which people disrespect each other, and for the space of this article, relax in the respite of reflection on relationships which are actually conducive to achieving the great Unificationist goal... Unification.

There are two types of divisions in the un-unified world; fallen divisions and original divisions. Original divisions were created on purpose by God so that love could happen. Fair enough. Everyone in favor of love say Aye. Fallen divisions have the same players as original ones only Satan has cleverly planted a little plus where a minus should be, and presto the two things become lousy at uniting. Thus, instead of having a plus and a minus, which naturally unite (like the charges in the little battery in your Walkman), you get Cain and Abel. So you can thank Satan for Cain Abel relationships, and if you failed to dislike him enough before, maybe that should help a little. The mechanics of a principled relationship come in two sorts, original mechanics and fallen mechanics.

This time let's look at the fallen mechanics. We're clear about the problem now. We've got two things which should have the natural propensity to unite by dint of their God-given positivity and negativity, but instead they meet each other as two pluses. Aha, you just KNOW one of them's got to be an impostor. Will the real plus pleas stand up. [They both stand up.] That didn't work. How do we get to the bottom of this? Here's how. The real plus is connected to the true origin of all "plusness," the fake plus is just connected to his or her own pitiful self. (Remember, all we have to do is affix the true plus and minus accurately onto the proper players, and presto, they unite like magic. If we can do that the plus and the minus will unite of their own, natural, God-given propensities.)

That extra Satanic plus confuses things and makes Unification hard to do. Under these adverse circumstances this is what to do. Here's how we get unity. First, the real plus maintains an absolute personal standard so that he or she is sure never to loose connection to the source of all "plusness." How to do that? Keep oneself as a perfect object to your God -given subject, and in this way to God Himself. If you loose the connection you're dead... sooner or later. THEN once the link to the eternal source of being plus or subject is safely fixed, the trick is to act like a minus. In this way, it draws in the fake plus to exhaust him or herself plussing away, and using up what pathetic little store of plus chips he or she's got lying around. Finally the fake plus gives up exhausted, and the true essence and status of the respective players reveal themselves. Once plus and minus are accurately attached to the proper figures in the relationship Unification can and does occur.

One might wonder why one sees seemingly uncooperative and nasty people beloved by their followers. This is because, within a closed organization or department the positions of subject and object are often clearly and accurately defined. If the followers understand the Principle (or even common sense), they have enough sense to surrender and unite with their leader. Thus it is often possible for a leader to be united with people under him or her, but scandalously disunited with others in cases where his or her position is not as clearly defined. As understandable as disunity is in such relationships, it does not remove the pathetic and loser-destined quality of the fake plus in just such a relationship. Whenever there is a situation in which there is no clear definition of the subject and object positions, the Principle teaches that the Subject position can be attained by self-sacrifice, and Satan's side, or the Cain position can be acquired by aggression.

How does God compensate for the fact that Abel (not to be confused with Adam!) is an arrogant, unaccomplished, smug type of person, with whom Cain rightfully would have little or no interest in knowing or having much to do with? How? By giving Abel the Blessing. Clever maneuver (He isn't God for nothing you know). NOW Abel has something which Cain desperately needs and wants. Cain is no longer free to leave Abel in his own petty little self-satisfied world, and just walk away, because Cain has to find some way to get the Blessing. This would be easy enough to do if Cain didn't have the bad luck of having had Satan plant a little plus where his minus should be. If it weren't for that he could simply unite naturally with Abel, and inherit the Blessing according to the law of unification and ownership. But with that Satanic plus firing away on all cylinders Cain (duh) tries to force the Blessing from Abel. Fat chance. Abel doesn't even like Cain anyway (he likes himself). Abel only becomes willing to give Cain the Blessing when it finally dawns on him that this is the only way to quit getting constantly beat up on. The dumb Abel tries to constantly exerts his plus, and Cain constantly wails on him. The smart Abel gets small, and tarbaby's it out, getting Cain to exhaust his limited supply of pluses (they're all fake anyway) and finally give up and say, "alright you win, what do I have to do to get the Blessing?

This part just has to do with Fallen division. Unity with regard to original division is something completely different, and may also be of interest to look at someday.

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