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The Role of a True Family

by Carl Redmond-Warilla, Australia

Let me precisely define the role of a true family. When I say "a" true family, I am distinctly aware of the fact that there are not many true families in the world, if any! (Apart from the one and true and central family.)

There is a distinct gap and a world of difference between "thinking" and "doing." The world of thought and the world of action are two separate and distinct realities. "Thinking" about something or someone is in the realm of dreams. "Doing" something for someone is the realm of "guts" and putting your "money" where your "mouth" is. Where precisely do you stand in all of this? Are you merely giving lip service to Father's teaching of "Life for the sake of others" or do you really carry it out in your everyday life?

Next let us define what level you are currently on. Primary school level (or even kindergarten) is saying to someone, "Oh, how are you?" in response to their call. (A letter has no voice, so you can choose not to answer it.) "I have been meaning to write/phone/whatever (all of the above, or none of the above as the case may be), but I've just been too busy." Primary school response to this would be "Oh, really. What have you been busy with?" Answer would be, "Oh, this and that." Primary level response: "Oh, that's wonderful," and so on.

Secondary school level would be to say to the person who has been so busy, "Are you telling me you haven't got five minutes in a day to just call?" (as the spirit gives unction for you to do so, that's the time you should do so). "To write a letter takes not very long, no one could be that busy. If you really wish to do something, you make the time." However, it is no use talking to someone in kindergarten as if they are in grade school or university! So where are you, my dear brother and sister, kindergarten or preschool or what?

My understanding of the true family way is to truly "live for the sake of others." That means people we meet but it surely also means each other. If we cannot practice it with each other, then we cannot hope to, as the saying goes, "win friends and influence people."

There is a vast gap, or shall we say a "yawning gulf" between the true family's way of doing things and the way we are doing them. What I am saying to you is let us close the gap. The fact that there is a "big divide" is one thing, be that as it may. But we cannot leave this as it is. We have to do something, anything, no matter how small, to "bridge the gap." It's not just "thinking" about something, it's doing it. Let's get the guts back into our movement and get our show "on the road." Let's be baby tigers rather than domestic cats! And let us not stay in kindergarten forever!


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