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Essentials of the Unification Principle - by Thomas Cromwell

Second Edition

The book is highly praised and recommended by many elders and leaders, including Rev. Zin Moon Kim's national leaders of England, Germany & Poland. Above all it was Rev. Kwak who prefaced all the book and give his blessing to publish it through the Inter-Religious Leadership Seminar.

Some members said, "the book is the answer to their many prayers. Other contacts including schoolers and business people, secular and religious said, it is one of the most valuable books they have ever received from us.

It was prepared primarily for members of the monotheistic faith, including readers from Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures who were raised in secular homes and never given a formal religious education but are generally familiar with the main figures and historical events of their religious traditions. Much of the content is related to biblical and Koranic scriptures, although without direct quotation.

Scriptural references have been omitted. First, many people lack a specific knowledge of scriptures, even though they might come from nominally religious homes. For these people, a scriptural base for a teaching is irrelevant. Second, all too often scriptures are used as ammunition in the theological disputes that divide religions into sects and separate one religion from another.

We are sure that this book will be of great help for your activities in general, and especially to invite and introduce your tribe members to the Blessing.

The first edition is already sold out. The second, and more improved, edition is now available from the IRLS office, 4 West 43rd St.; New York, NY 10036. Phone: (212) 730-8605; E-mail:


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