Unification News for January 1995


Camp Sunrise Needs Your Help

by Bruce Grodner-Harriman, NY

Camp Sunrise has the long-term potential to be of great importance to the educational and social life of our community in the years to come. Yet, in 1989, when we first located this property, it was in a terrible condition: some 23 truck loads of garbage had to be removed; all kitchen equipment and plumbing had to be installed and many, many repairs had to be made in order to even begin to use this facility.

Without the help of many volunteers getting the camp functional would have been an impossible task.

Over the last six years, we have hosted thousands of members, guests, and more recently, outside groups (i.e. churches, social organizations, martial arts schools). However, the greatest use has come from groups of our second generation, holding their summer workshops for the last five years.

Since 1990, the Camp has run solely on the fees and donations collected-these, however, always come up a bit short! Without going into details, the operation of the Camp has been difficult, largely due to a lack of financial as well as human resources committed to the operation. We have operated the Camp during the past years, in many ways, at a substandard level to the state park regulations because of the lack of resources.

We have now come to a point of impasse.

We are certain that you agree that the Camp has become an important facility for education and recreation for our second generation during summer programs and other various church activities. It also has become an effective vehicle through which to serve many outside groups. However, despite its value we are now forced to decide if we can keep the Camp in operation. Unless there is reasonable assurance that resources will be committed for the Camp's operation by the church community as a whole, we are not in a position to renew the lease agreement of the Camp. And we must make this critical decision within this month.

If this program is to continue, it needs your help. We are proposing a membership drive where you and your family can spend some quality time in a healthy environment away from the hustle and bustle of life's demands.

Plan A (Membership Fee: $125 )

1 Waiver of the $7 admission fee for day visits.

2 You and your family will have 2 days and 2 nights of free lodging

3 You will be given a 20% discount of any meals during these two days.

Plan B (Membership Fee: $250 )

1 Waiver of the $7 admission fee for day visits.

2 You will have 4 days and 4 nights of free lodging.

3 You will receive 20% off all meals for one year.

If you can purchase your membership before Feb. 7th 1995, we will deduct $25 from Plan A and $50 from Plan B.

If there is insufficient participation, we will be unable to reopen the Camp and your donation will be refunded.


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