Unification News for January 1995


An offering to God and True Parents on my 21st Birthday:

Triumphant Love

Before I was born, you chose me to be a soldier of True Love
You fought against the storm...
Sweat, blood and tears were shed
But love, triumphant love persevered to the end!
Deserts, mountains and rocky roads were the paths to pass by
Thanks to hills and valleys that refreshed my heart.
When I thought there was no hope and I was ready to die
You took me in your arms and sang a lullaby:
"Love, triumphant love shall never die."
Then it was time for me to go on
A time of realization and decisions to be made
For what was my purpose in life?
Was I ready to fight?
Only then, I knew it was my turn
I walked to the top of the mountain and prayed for answers...
A beaming light carved my heart open
Truth and True Love were the reasons to be chosen!
There I pledged myself to you...
Because of your love I am alive
Because of your heart I can go on
And because of love, triumphant love I shall never die!

Natalia Santiago


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